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Thread: darkest/weirdest dreams

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    Default darkest/weirdest dreams

    I really enjoy listing to peoples weird or dark dreams or even nightmares. Does anyone out there have an interesting dream to share?

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    Yes, I've had quite a few, often with an apocalyptic theme. They are very personal though and I don't want to share them here in an open forum.

    But since you asked and I thought this was an interesting thread, I'll share this one...

    It was far in the future, and the world was running out of water. Most of the land was desert, and there were cities where there once were oceans. Earth was beginning to look like Mars. It wasn't possible to go out into direct sunlight, it would burn you in moments, so everything had specially-tinted windows to allow safe light in. I was smuggling a small plant -- I think it was a strawberry plant -- by train into a covered city. I had to smuggle it because plants had been outlawed; they use water too inefficiently during photosynthesis. While I was there, the groundwater source the city had been relying on began to dry up, and the water at the taps became turbid...

    Anyway, there's a sample of Sapphyre's half-conscious mind at work.

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    I wrote a book with part of the story centering on a reoccurring dream I had ever since I was young. I would be in an old Victorian house, walking through the main floor. Eventually I would have to walk up the stairs to the second floor, but as I did this, there was a feeling of dread that was starting to make itself known. The second floor contained the bedrooms and I would have to look into each one. The house was old and the walls covered in stained wallpaper. There were dark stains on the ceiling from a leaking roof.

    The further I walk, the greater the feeling of dread until I finally come to a door, and I always know where that leads to: another stairway, and that leads to the tower room. I put my hand on the doorknob and the feeling of terror is overpowering. There is something so horrible on the other side that I can't face it. I turn and try to run away, but the feeling of terror is making me so frantic I can't seem to do anything. Then I wake up and I'm relieved that it was only a dream.

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    When I was younger I used to have a recurring dream that I walked into a public bathroom and it was just recliners out in the open...

    It seems that since I started wearing diapers to bed nightly, I don't really remember my dreams anymore, which honestly rather pleases me. Wondering what I was going to dream about could be a source of anxiety for me.

    I don't remember it exactly, but one disturbing dream I had a while ago involved me being on an upper floor of a big building, something like a department store. I vaguely remember Lindor Truffles candies on a desk, and when I was talking to some employees I realized wait, this is for the dead, isn't it? I then woke up. Perhaps the department store symbolized the afterlife.

    I'm usually able to realize when I'm in a bad dream and can tell myself to wake up.

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    By far, the freakiest and darkest dream I had was one where I found a High School bully crouched in my bathroom cupboards and threatened me with a knife. They never stabbed me or hurt me, they just pulled the knife on me and began talking to me in a weird sort of calm, yet creepy and threatening way before I woke up. The dream was had on Christmas Eve, so that was...quite an interesting way to wake up to Christmas.

    I can name plenty of weird, strange, and bizarre dreams where things make no sense and I wake up confused, but that was the only dream I can think of that was really dark and was clearly a nightmare. Thanks to both the substance of the dream and having it at...not an ordinary time, it's probably one of the few dreams I can perfectly remember.

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    Years ago I'd remember my dreams frequently, but nowadays I'm lucky if I remember one per month, and only once in a blue moon do I remember any after a day. One dream that I do remember was a nightmare, and I had it YEARS ago, back in... my sophomore year of high school, I think?

    My family and I were stuck in some sort of extremely dark dungeon, and suddenly the bars for our cell opened. We all sat there in disbelief until a sickly blue light started emanating from the wall behind us. We all somehow knew it was trouble, and ran. Immediately after we crossed the threshold of our cell, a skull covered in greyscale flames emerged from the light. We ran, with the skull on our heels. The walls and ceiling directly above, below, and beside it gained some sort of visible energy that moved in the plaster of the bricks, like electricity in wires. The energy remained as the skull chased us, darting and cackling. We saw sunlight and trees and the end of the tunnel, and we all knew that if we could get onto natural ground we'd be safe. We all made it to the end at the same time, save my mother, who was behind us no further than a foot. Which, as it turned out, was enough. The energy reached her foot just as her other foot had crossed the threshold, and the energy instantly shot through all her veins, and the bulbs all made a circle around her face, then faded. She immediately went rigid, and fell dead on the spot. I held her and sobbed for the better part of 30 seconds, then woke up.

    That dream was so horrifyingly vivid and emotionally destructive that I had to wake my mother up just to assure myself she was alive, and I was still shaken for a few days. Even now, years after, I can recall every detail, but I've been lucky enough to not have it recur. (That is, until tonight I'm sure, now that I've typed it up... why did I do this?).

    There was another nightmare that I don't remember per se, but I do know that I was shot in it. I know this, because what I DO remember is waking up afterwards, feeling like I had been shot for a few split seconds. I shot up and clutched my chest in order to stop the flow of blood, and it took a second or two before I realized that there wasn't any blood to stop. There was some kind of pain there too, the kind I'd imagine for getting shot, but since I've never actually been shot before, I wouldn't know.

    Oh, also there was that nightmare where I fell into some sort of canyon, and died on impact. Instead of waking up, I gained some sort of third person view above myself, that slowly rose until my body was the size of a small plate. Again, when I finally woke up, I shot up, and this time my brain mixed up the sensation of rising with the sensation of falling, so I freaked out and gasped because I thought I was falling again. I figured it out obviously, but was afraid to leave my bed for a few seconds, for fear of falling. I also simultaneously had a pressing need for ground beneath my feet, so when I managed to finally touch my feet to the ground, I felt a rush of relief that I can't really compare to anything else. It felt like I could breathe after I had been forced to hold my breath long after anyone would've passed out; in fact, it felt like I had been dead until then.

    Man, f**k nightmares. Thank goodness I haven't had anything like these for a while.

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    One of my darkest dreams that almost came true was when I was in band class and I kept on being called names by a student, I went to a practice room and locked myself in, but the student put his foot in the door and demanded I open it. I eventually did and I got choked to death by the student and went 3rd person above my lifeless corpse. That was a day before the actual event took place which was very similar to the dream except that I didn't die....

    I have had some weird 'little' related dreams too. One was I was in College and thought that I need to be little again. The next thing I knew, I was in kindergarten or 1st grade and I was wearing diapers because my teacher put me in them. My teacher thought I was mentally retarded and because I feared her the presence of her in the room caused me to have accidents. I was laughed at by the students and called "paddy butt", "diaper boy", "baby" and "leaky pants". Then I started to shrink and before I knew it, I was in my old house in Illinois where I was born. Mom (biological) was singing a lullaby to me while I was in my onesie and diapers - breastfeeding. The song appeared to be "lovey mine", but I'm not sure how much of it was that song. I slowly drifted off to sleep and then was falling through a black void as my clothing changed and my size changed to a 20 year old body in a medical gown in diapers still. I then appeared at an Insane Asylum and the doctors were mumbling "He's too far gone for us to do anything else. We have to keep him here for the good of society." The other Doctor commented "Yeah, because all autists are babies and need to be treated as such. We need to eliminate him from the human gene pool." Then all of a sudden My old disability coordinator from 7th grade came in and said "Time for your meds and ninights. *name omitted for that person's privacy (used in 3rd person)* will take care of you." She injected the medicine and I got robbed of my conscientiousness. I drifted within myself until I was a blank slate with nothing in my mind, but the most basic human instinct to survive. Then I was educated by her to follow the State's instructions blindly and become a turncoat spy for the corrupt government that is in power. This is in order to weed out and execute all autistic people by any means necessary. I eventually regain my senses after murdering many innocents through my brainwashing and lead a rebel army to unite the world under one open government of democracy, honor and justice. At this point: either the rebellion succeeds and I become its first Chancellor, or the rebellion fails and I am executed by firing squad.
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    I won't go into details, but I have had dreams where I either do nothing and watch someone die (when I could have prevented it), or otherwise killed someone for some beneficial reason such as collecting insurance or as a paid hit. These dreams are far and few in between too.

    Interestingly I've never been phased by those dreams, and sometimes wake in a happy mood because of it. Though of course I've never considered acting any of it out in reality. Logic dictates it would be very, very bad for me to even try and satiate my emotions on the matter.

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    I haven't had a nightmare in years. The only bad dreams I have are ones where I relive a friend or family member dying and I get those once or twice a week.

    The strangest "bad dream"-related situation I had involved an ex of mine. We dated, but were very on-and-off for a long time. We dated in three separate times in middle school, high school and college, the longest in college, a whole 8 months, but we were friends before and after that. I've known her for almost 18 years. In the dream, we were in a hotel together and we got into an elevator to go to our room. I got a very bad feeling the minute we stepped into the elevator and I tried to get her to leave and take the stairs. She told me got mad at me and told me I was afraid for no reason. I was still pleading with her to get off the elevator as the door closed. Then the elevator collapsed, falling to the basement. I ran down to the basement and found her dismembered body parts scattered among the debris of the elevator. I lifted her arm, torn raggedly away at the shoulder, from the rubble and it hung limp in my hand. I stared at it for a moment, sat down and cried. I was in such a state of distress that I texted her about the dream, and that she had died in it, and asked if she was alright immediately after waking up. She didn't respond. Later that week I found out that her boyfriend at the time had gotten her pregnant and she had got my text while in the waiting room at the women's clinic, shortly before she was to get an abortion. She hasn't been the same since-- the fire that she had blazing inside of her, that same potent and all-consuming blend of rage, hope and fear that burned in me as well, the raging beacon against the darkness of the world that brought us together-- had been extinguished. Once the smoke cleared, all that remained were bitter, simmering coals of cynicism. Whether the simple synchronicity of dream and interpretation or a strange augury, a mimeolith in the shape of the noumenon that lies beyond what we perceive as totality, I couldn't say. All I know is that it has stuck with me for years.
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    A reurcurring theme in my dreams is that I attack a person who just insulted or attacked me. I then don't stop but really become violent. I then fear prosecution and run away. Sometimes the police is after me. Once I had an escape dream where I fled from the police bc of felt very relieving running through open fields and crossing rivers making my escape.

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