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    Hi What type of occupation are you in or were in? I myself am into Hospitality type renovations. I live mostly in hotels all across the US

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    I make and sell my own coffee on my college campus (not really a full time job)

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    I'm a web/application developer

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    I'm a contractor; Excavating, and full time/part time bus driving

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    I'm a receptionist in a retirement home

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    Software dev, though I'm kinda moving more into a system integration / architecture role. Less coding, more working out how various components mesh with each other. My main specialty is in infrastructure (messaging, data storage, redundancy, service management, etc) but I've brushed up against a lot of different areas in my career.

    If past me saw what I do (and want to do) now, he'd probably have a coronary. I was always one of those "I'll be a coder forever" types, but these days most of my work is done in diagrams and technical investigation reports. There's a lot more bullshit than I like with regards to meetings and bureaucracy, but as long as I don't have to manage _people_ I'm fine.

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    I'm a salesman in the corrugated industry. Basically, i sell boxes. Yes, boxes.

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    Retired/disabled Research Biologist/ Animal care taker

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    Retired. Spark chaser/electrician, small engine mechanic.

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    I'm mostly a college student, hoping to be a highschool teacher. I'm a substitute teacher, I'm kind of a combo secretary/CEO for my dad's owner/operator trucking, and tutor for the College I'm attending.

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