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Thread: Second battle with sepsis

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    Default Second battle with sepsis

    Hello everyone it has been a while
    A lot has happened the last month or so
    So around last month my appendix ruptured and I honestly thought it wasn't a big deal
    But as usual things went to shit and even though I went to the hospital as fast as possible and went into surgery allowing very little time for it to get worse I went into septic shock for the second time in my life
    Every time I think about it the only words which come to my mind are life totally screwed me over
    The sepsis caused my blood flow to reduce and my upper extremities were getting no blood and I lost both my arms above the elbow
    After around 20 plus surgeries multiple skin grafts I was barely awake to receive the shock of my life

    I say all this with a strength but the initial first few weeks was full of me not being able to stop crying and feeling sorry for myself I honestly didn't care if I died right then and there
    What was worse was to face my family who were in a worse emotional state than I was though they tried not to show it

    Since then its been mostly getting through the pain the skin grafts were painfull beyond anything I have ever gone through my body is scarred everywhere
    It was a miracle that I started to be able to walk with my old prosthetics without having to shorten them
    A lady from an organization which helps younger amputees reached out to me and shared prosthetic information and agreed to help me as she too has had similar amputations a few years ago

    A lot of my college plans were canceled and I hope to transfer to a university close to home as my doctors and physiotherapists are all here like
    Because of how short my stumps are I have had to settle for body powered hook prosthetics not pretty at all but they would be the most functional for me
    A lot of the bionic prosthetics required more of the stump to be there and remaining muscle for control
    Either way I have been focusing on physiotherapy and trying not to go into a bad place mentally
    I have been really depressed even before this with the increased incontinence but this has just hit me so hard
    I have started walking again with the prosthetics and already started using the hook prosthetics since yesterday

    I have been talking to a lot of you about my progress privately but as someone pointed out maybe it would be better to share it so I did
    I have been using speech to text mostly and it has been great except using symbols and punctuation is annoying so sorry I avoid those since I might have had to speed hours trying to typed individual stuff
    I do have a full time caregiver doing literally everything for me but I'm sure I can take over a small part of it when I become better with the prosthetics

    I may not be able to reply to a lot of questions depending on how free I am since I have already started therapy for my arm prosthetics
    Things might get a little more busy since I am also trying to start university but not sure of whether I will although it seems to be possible
    I probably will have to change my major a little but I can't keep missing semester after semester

    Anyway I thank this site for it's users who have virtualy been with me and hopefully I can comeback and get in touch with some of you again

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    Hi Mia,

    I'm glad you are feeling strong enough to post about this to the site. The whole thing sucks, as we've talked about before, but you are the strongest young woman in the world; if anyone can handle this kind of blow, it will be you. I and a whole lot of others are pulling for you.


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    This is truley amazing! A testement to the human spirit and, one individual's will and endurence - it sure puts a change of perspective on our own issues!

    I for one, am very glad that you did share this experience, Mia!

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    Oh, god... *hugs* I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through. Suddenly my problems don't seem so bad. o.o;

    Incidentally, I've done some work with prosthetics, from an academic perspective -- working on improving the algorithms for the motorized prosthetics that use muscular signals to predict intention. The science / technology still has a long way to go, but sometimes it can surprise you.

    I'm sorry that I'm a little short on words but I honestly don't know what to say. I want you to know that I sincerely feel for you. If there is any way that I can help you beyond being another listening ear, please let me know. Take care as best you can.


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    Hi Mia and yes, like others here, I am so, so very sorry this has happened to you. I know they are making some incredible headway on prosthetic arms and hands that can do a lot of things. All I can suggest is that you take one day at a time so that you don't become overwhelmed. I wish there was something I could do. Hugs.

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    My thoughts and well wishes go out to you. Hope you bounce back from this stronger than before.

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    I am so sorry to hear this you are a strong person and you can make it through this!

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    Very much appreciate your letting us know. I hope you at least get to visit now and then, even if posting regularly is too cumbersome. Nothing I could say would help the situation, so I won't.

    Maxx's notes to self:

    1. Mentally attach "justified lack of punctuation" to "miapeters". Do your best to read her posts as she visualized them, not as the intervening electronics delivered them.

    2. Stop whining about your own trivial problems and man up.

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    Thank you everyone for all the positive notes
    Dealing with reality can be challenging
    Maxx your second note to yourself is something I stryggled to keep up just to move on from the depressed stage to actually wanting to do better for yourself

    Unfortunately I have come down with a flu but will be back into physiotherapy as soon as I can otherwise I will go crazy if I stay home unable to do anything for myself

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    Like you need the flu on top of everything else. If I had a pipeline to God I'd be giving him a piece of my mind right about now...

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