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Thread: As Promised an update on our weekend away.

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    Cool As Promised an update on our weekend away.

    Will I just got back home form our weekend away, with my little bro Isaac.

    I went up to meet him with Jumpy and Tony.

    By the way Jumpy and Tony are made for each other. Anyway back to the subject.

    We got to the hotel and I changed my little bro out of his adult clothing and into more appropriate baby boy clothing and made sure he had his pacifier clipped to him.

    We then said good bye to jumpy and Tony. As they were going to be doing their own thing and we were going to see cars.

    Tip for other caregivers that are going to the movie with their Little. Try to keep them away from the pick and mix sweet counter.

    After the film which we hat to watch right to the end to see if there is an Easter egg. And there is one.

    It was time for my Little to have his bath.

    Isaac love being bathed like a toddler again. Told him that it was ok to use the bath crayons on the tiles. And he enjoyed playing with the bath toys.

    He let me wash him all over from his head and all over his body and he let me clean his teeth like the good little boy he is.

    When his was ready he pulled the plug out and I help out off the bath and dried his body and hear.

    Then laying him on his bed I got him into a fresh diaper and PJs, gave him a bottle and read him a bedtime story. Stocking the back of his head to settle him down.

    Once I thought he was settled I went to clean up the bathroom and getting things ready.

    But Isaac had other ideas.
    He suddenly remembered that he hasn't checked under the beds for Monsters. So I check under the beds for him, but he said I haven't done it properly and I needed to get right out of the bed to make sure that they weren't about.

    I told him that he need to get some sleep and there wasn't any monsters under the bed. Going back to finish clean up the bathroom. Isaac got out of bed and decided that he was going to play hide and seek. By hiding under the bed.

    Told him if he did go back to bed he would have to go in the naughty corner. This lead to someone soaking sat on the floor and not going back to bed.

    So I said that I was going to go to bed. Isaac sat for a few minutes see you then decided to try on our cap that I had brought find p little in public but he did not want to wear it to the cinema.

    So that how I left his in the morning I found that my little guy had gone to bed.

    Of course he needed changing but before I put a clean diaper on him we had a shower and wash all the stick sleep away and saved the big boy hair off his face.

    We then got dress and all packed up.

    We take our bags back to the car part from a changing bag. In which I put three diaper, nappy rash cream as he had been freshly shaved and I wanted to stop any irritation. Baby lotion to clean up any number 2 that might happen, wet whips and baby powder.

    Making shore he had this pacifier clipped to him and he had his Mary bear. (Teddy.) We went to find breakfast.

    He was a hungry baby and I will need to get a bib for him. That or not let him feed himself.

    In the morning we went to Build-A-Bear where we got a new stuffie each. And to some toy shops man we came across a big Marshall from paw Patrol.

    In the afternoon we went for a tor around the local BBC. Which was very interesting. My little bro wants to be a DJ when he grows up on the radio.

    And in the evening we went to the age play event. Pick and mix sleep over.

    Sorry no photos allowed.

    It was a great event called pick and mix. Not as big as LBL but still very good. The event lasted to 12 the next day.

    Then it was time to run my little one back home. But on the way we found a park to have a walk around.

    We had a very long chat about having to be an adult in a group up world, when you are really just a Little that finds it all just hard.

    We are hope to get together in September. So I hope that that all works out. Well

    Well that our weekend. Better put a question in so it not just a really long blog.

    Have you had a CGL (Caregiver Little) weekend?

    How did yours go?

    Hee, hee

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