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Thread: Diapers at Pokemon Go Fest

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    Default Diapers at Pokemon Go Fest

    So my partner and I made the questionable decision to attend Pokemon Go fest in Chicago this weekend. As I'm sure you all heard it was a bit of a cluster. This wasn't helped by the fact that I was wearing the entire time and was dying inside my diaper from the heat. Any tips for how to wear diapers on hot days?

    I wore a pull on because my partner has anxiety and is terrified that if they can hear the crinkling or see the bulge of a normal diaper then everyone can. Any tips for discretely wearing taped on diapers in public?

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    Generally, for wearing in public, people don't notice. They are generally too engrossed in their cell phones to notice anything.

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    So be confident. Don't fuss with it or you will draw attention to yourself.

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    Exactly, just wear what you need and don't purposely draw attention to it. Nobody ever notices. That paranoia is nothing more than an unfounded fear.

    And your body will adapt to being padded in the heat. You just have to keep wearing them all the time. Switching back and fourth won't allow your body to adapt and will probably make you sweat even more down there when hou are well diapered.

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