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Thread: Need a confidence boost for walking the dog while wearing.

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    Default Need a confidence boost for walking the dog while wearing.

    Hey folks I have been struggling with this for a while now. I try to walk my dog everyday when I get home, I often don't and feel terrible. For some reason I feel more motivation to walk my dog when I'm padded. Lately all I wear is the abena m4 and I still can't get comfortable in it even though it's the best fitting diaper for me. I spend 10-15 minutes in front of the mirror looking at my bum and watching my strut as I walk fully clothe. Our walk is 1 mile and I hate that if somebody is outside I get super uncomfortable and almost regret being in a diaper. If a car is going by I feel as if they are starring at my bum, but I haven't seen that yet xD So I'm just looking for someone to give me a confidence boost. I find cargo shorts with a belt fits me much better then jeans and a diaper lol. Thanks.

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    I wear cargo shorts two inches larger than my waist and no one can tell I'm diapered. I walk our dog in the morning and I'm only wearing a night shirt which covers my diaper. Then I get the newspaper from our newspaper box which is on the roadside. The other day a car went by with the windows rolled done and some girl yelled out at me, "Nice dress!" I got a kick out of it and thought if she only knew what was underneath. My point is that sometimes it can be fun having random strangers suspect. My guess is that there are more people out there wearing diapers than the muggle public ever suspects.

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    I wear ABU Simples under a pair of pants one size up and no one notices. I do wear a onesie so they can't peak out as a precaution also. Unless you are trying to wear skinny jeans, yoga pants, or a revealing mini skirt no one will notice or care. They are too wrapped up in their own lives to notice 90% of what is infront of their face almost all of the time. Really only family members that know your butts shape may notice.

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    Just think of it this way. When was the last time you thought about what type of underwear some random person was wearing? People care way less than you think. I know I was worried about people noticing at first as well, but people just really never suspect a thing.

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    Don't worry - no one will notice and won't be sure its a diaper if they do- the tell tale sign to be aware of is the plastic waist band showing above your pants. Best to tuck something in to cover that.

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    I'll second cargo shorts. They're baggy enough to both hide the bulge and hide the diaper silhouette in the back and front. They're also loose-fitting enough to be completely comfortable with even a thick diaper.

    Tykables has some nice options too

    The jeans have a wide "gusset" for more space in the crotch, (as do the shorts) and also hidden snaps for diaper changes without undressing. I wonder how useful those are though since a lot of larger diapers fit higher up on the waist? Anyone with experience using these?

    unfortunately either my web browser or their site is horribly broken. very slow. can't login. can't create account. can't check out.

    Finally managed to check out, got the last pair of cargo shorts in stock, in my size even! Couldn't login. Couldn't recreate account. All attempts to use paypal failed. Finally managed to check out as guest via credit card. *shrug*

    ATTENTION ABU: You should consider stocking public daywear too!
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    This is a case where you'll get more comfortable if you fake it till you make it. Just go out and find some way to keep your mind off your diaper. If you go about your day like nothing is out of the ordinary, others will have no reason to suspect anything is. That's how I got over the barrier of wearing at work out other places in public. I stated with goodnites (when I could still squeeze in them) then went to an adult pullup then to my full on diaper. Just gotta go for it and you'll get there.

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