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Thread: Custom Landing Zones - Need Some Advice...

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    Default Custom Landing Zones - Need Some Advice...

    So, as I have said in my latest blog post, I am getting some medical diapers. I am going to be modifying the landing zone with Pamperchu's diaper tapes using clear packing tape to adhere them to the front plastic of the diaper. What I am asking is, if there is a way to apply the tapes without disrupting the folds in the diaper so that I can repackage them back into the bags of 12 that they come in.

    I have limited space to put 72 loose diapers. I have one drawer in my dresser, one small plastic airtight bin and maybe a drawer in my nightstand to put my entire stash (including pacifiers, bottles and onesies). I also have a toy chest, but it's full of bedding right now.

    I would prefer to modify them all and get it over with, but if it isn't possible without having a mess of 72 loose diapers floating around, I will take any suggestions you may have.

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    Taking even a few diapers out of the bag will allow all of the diapers to expand. Maybe just do one bag at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    Taking even a few diapers out of the bag will allow all of the diapers to expand. Maybe just do one bag at a time.
    My problem is that I have to take diapers up with me (where I do not have the packing tape, nor the tapes needed for making the diapers look cute) to my dorm room. I have to modify their frontal zones at home and take them up in a backpack or another container.

    As for storage (once all the packs are open):
    I could put all my onesies, bottles and the pacifiers that I am not using regularly in the bottom drawer of my nightstand (after a proper cleanout), and I might be able to fill the entire bottom drawer of my dresser (after throwing out some cheesy Halloween costume stuff I kept in there) up with 4-5 stacks of 4 diapers. The bin could probably hold 10-12 diapers on their sides if I am cautious. As for the rest, I could always use the box that the case of diapers comes in for more storage in my closet if I wanted to modify them all. I do have 2 surplus ammo cans (That are washed out and clean), but I wouldn't trust using them for diaper storage purposes. I could also use a military surplus bread bag that I have to store more diapers while on the go, but I am not sure if its safe to store them there.

    Just so you know, the ATNs just shipped today (on UPS). They might arrive even today (along with 3 of the pacifiers and clips) so I may be prepared to be padded today.

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