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Thread: Cross dressing and AB/DL/IC connections

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    I don't cross dress anymore, boy clothes were so horrible! ^_^.

    Perhaps there is a link because when someone decides to start cross dressing they might decide that they want that feeling of femininity to be as strong as possible and as such they're drawn to something perhaps a little bit more sissy in nature. Probably very very frilly pink knickers. Putting yourself in contact with sissies will put you in contact with diapers and putting yourself in contact with diapers will put you in contact with sissies. I think the first thing I ever bought was actually a dress not was pink though...ahh those days were predictable!

    Being tg it did cross my mind what my life may be like if I had had a female childhood, playing with identity you soon realise that if you can change gender you can change age too. Yeah there seems like there is a lot of opportunity and potential in cross dressing to find abdl if you're looking for it

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    Like so many others, I've been a CD for many years. In fact at least half of my wardrobe is from the opposite gender. My wife is supportive of this activity and even bought me a camisole for Xmas. DL is a more recent interest and I am enjoying it.

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    id be interested in those diaper covers with the lock. not so much the lock but that they don't leak.

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    Can't think of anything more relaxing than putting on my nappy and pink plastic pants. Slipping into a girls footed sleeper or a nice pink party dress and settling down with a bottle and a pacI. . Love it....

    I got into girls clothes when I used to see my cousin all nicely dressed up. I couldn't help but sneak into some of her clothes sometimes when we visited their house. I think she did catch on as she made some comments when no one was listening... but she never told anyone.

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