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    Mostly just venting.

    My screwed up saga continues. I went in for having my old (16fr) emergency suprapubic catheter changed out so I can go another month of waiting. My doctor did not want to give me any pain meds for some reason, and went ahead with removing my old catheter. This hurt, but was easily managable.

    He then inserted a cystoscopy camera through my abdomen to survey the stricture in my urethra from above it. This hurt even more, but I just grinned and beared it.

    He then tried to insert a larger suprapubic catheter into my bladder, but could not get it in. Not only did the puncture in my bladder wall lining not want to dilate, but it seemed to have already begun to close back up. He tried going with the same 16fr catheter, but couldn't get it in.

    Of course, he was doing a lot of poking and pushing to try and get it in, which was excrutuating. I managed to bear down and take it though.

    Still, he next had to dilate my pucture hole back open. OMFG, that was beyond excruciating. I was breathing hard, couldn't think straight, felt dizzy, and though I was going to throw up. It was easily an 8.5 or a 9 on the 1-10 pain scale (I've had a 10 before, you don't want to know what it's like). As he was finally inserting the new folley catheter, I again asked for some pain meds once more, but he outright refused!

    I had to go to my PCM (who is at the same navy hospital). I managed to get a walk in, but he didn't want to give me anything either. After a call to my urogist I finally got a script for some oxycodone. Went downstairs to the hospital pharmacy, and found there was a two hour wait!

    I walked away and went to work instead. I keep a few pain pills here for just this sort of emergency, and it finally kicked in.

    Stupid doctors. On the plus side though, my urologist did say he could do a urethroplasty on me in a couple more months. He noting that if he does the surgery, I will definitely be incontinent, and should get an artifical sphincter implanted.

    I quickly turned that down and explained if my bladder fills up even a little I get a painful urge. I then typically then strain to pee, which is what got me into my current situation. I will not be closing off my urethra for any reason, and the whole point of my previous surgeries were to get me open as it was. I then also noted, a uretroplasty won't make me incontinent, as I already am. I will however, make my life livable again, and hopefully without all this darn pain.

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    Yeah, doctors are ridiculous about pain meds again. There was a huge push about fifteen to twenty years ago to not let people suffer in pain and doctors went haywire with prescribing pain meds and we are now in the middle of the stupid opioid painkiller addiction issue. So now, they've swung back the other way and are refusing ANY medications unless you're trying to deal with an appendage being ripped off.

    On top of this, it seems that where doctors train and get their degree is a major issue with this as well. A lot of the doctors who trained in Europe or the United States are understanding that you can't have much of a life if you are in massive amounts of pain and are a bit more relaxed about offering something to help cope with it. I've had more than one doctor who trained in India and then came to the U.S. that has flat out refused to even consider pain medication for any reason. I've gotten excuses like they don't want to get me addicted (I need pain medications once every six to eight weeks for my headaches on average, other than that I have Tylenol) and so a one time dose is denied.

    I feel for you. When the pain gets so bad your eyes cross, you want to puke, and you can't focus--that is when life sucks.

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    Oh Slomo, that sounded so painful that I was cringing as I read it. I think I would have been looking for a different doctor. I hope the next procedure works out for you.

    My pain threshold theory is that a 9 is nausea/throwing up pain and 10 is passing out. It sounds to me you were at both 9 and 10.

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    Lol, this IS a different doctor. It's been extremely difficult for me just finding a urologist that even believes I'm going through what I am, let alone one willing to do anything about it. It's unfortunate, but this doctor is one of the more competent ones.

    And yeah, your pain theory is about right. I didn't hit a 10 though. A 10 pain doesn't automaticallly mean passing out either. It can also manifest as halucinating and incoherence, as well as asking to be killed just to end the pain. Honestly I would have preferred passing out though.

    Oh, and I youtubed a urethrplasty reconstruction. OMG I'm going to be filleted open!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    Oh, and I youtubed a urethrplasty reconstruction. OMG I'm going to be filleted open!
    I was curious what you meant by being filleted open. So I looked it up on google images, and it was quite graphic. I see what you mean now, your words describe what happens quite well.

    I hope your procedure in a few months goes well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flash890 View Post
    I was curious what you meant by being filleted open. So I looked it up on google images, and it was quite graphic. I see what you mean now, your words describe what happens quite well.

    I hope your procedure in a few months goes well.
    Yeah, holy crap, right. And thanks, so do I.

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    That sounds PAINFUL! Now I myself became an addict during the overprescribing of pain pills era, so I partially blame people like my teenage self for this but I also have to blame the doctor! Some doctors should have common sense when pain killers are a NECESSITY!

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