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Thread: carrying around stuffies

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    Default carrying around stuffies

    Does anyone carry around their stuffies? I'm just curious. I do sometimes, but I haven't done it in a while. I had a time where I used to it more. I like to have them as a comfort because I get anxious easily due to my autism. :c

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    I took Wolfie with me everyday to school last year :p. But he stayed hidden in my backpack most of the time

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    I don't carry them around when I'm out and about, but I have stuffed animals strategically placed around most of the places I frequent (like, my bedroom, near the TV, and at my desk at work). And sometimes when I feel like I need it, I'll hang onto one while I'm doing other stuff. Like, the other day I had a really difficult legal thing that I had to read through at work, so I held onto one of my plush animals the whole time while I was reading it.

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    The only time I might is if I'm going to the emergency room or some types of medical appointments, or I might take one on a long car ride. I wouldn't mind doing it more often but my mother is my main source of transportation and even though she's OK with my adult baby side, I don't press my luck too hard. The last time I went to the hospital for some tests I smuggled along my PAW Patrol Marshall plushie to help with my anxiety and the woman who did my echocardiogram asked what it was and said it was cute.

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    Okj carry around my Leppy. He goes every where that I go

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    I carry one of my plushies around the house once in a while, but only when I'm home alone. Other than that, they stay on the side of my bed where my dog can't get to them. I have three of them wearing baby diapers and anyone who saw them did not question me about it. I hold on to the ones that are padded more often than the ones that aren't.

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    I have many teddy bears at home that I carry around & cuddle during the day. There are 4 who stay permanently on my bed.

    About 6 months ago, I started to take one of my bears most times when I caught up with family (just Mum or Dad, not extended family). Because I've been going through a difficult time mentally, I just feel like I need him there with me.

    Many years ago at Christmas, we headed to my Auntie & Uncles place, about 2 hours from home. I took 2 bears with me then & that's the only time I've sort of come out of my extended family on my Dad's side. I also had my butterfly quilt with me as well & to this day, I still wonder what they might have been thinking, lol.

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    I have a little plushie, "Magenta" from Blue's Clues that I carry around with me in my diaper bag. She helps me feel safe wherever I go.

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    Mine occasionally make it from the bedroom to the kitchen to join my wife and I. Often it's the two mooses. The mooses give my wife a bad time, squeaking at her and sometimes, flying into her. She isn't as adult as she should be because she will throw them across the room, which infuriates the mooses. I've encouraged my wife and the mooses to see a counselor, but the mooses won't do it. The other plushies are much better behaved, fortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    I have a little plushie, "Magenta" from Blue's Clues that I carry around with me in my diaper bag. She helps me feel safe wherever I go.
    I have Blue and Magenta on my bed. I also have a plush Blue coin purse, but it is too small to be practical.

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