I know it sounds like I'm spoiled and bratty but I'm sad because I don't have enough money in my bank at the moment for my bed rails to make a crib, I need about 60 and I only have about 30-40 in there plus I need to pay for diapers, food and bus fares! I get paid in about two and a half weeks!

Is it possible that the same desire and emotional need for babyish things, means having a crib as well!

It's strange because it just hit me last week pretty hard and I did think I could wait until I moved out, but at least with this idea I can store the crib parts under the bed!

It's not fair! Wahhhh!

- - - Updated - - -

Further more I can't stop thinking about it all! At least every time I sleep in my big girl bed, it's one less day to wait to buy my crib, also since I'm getting a job in childcare, I'll be at the nursery a lot and possibly every working day, it's going to be hard to be in for the delivery, plus the packaging is gonna be kinda obvious, but we do have to close the lounge door since our dog goes mental to every visitor who comes to the house. I could just sign for it and very quickly take it up stairs.

There is another problem on how to dispose of the box which is going to be obvious, I could tear the box up and throw a little bit at a time in the cardboard bin and bury it under something else until it's gone...

- - - Updated - - -

Just hope my step mom and dad is away when I collect the parcel