yo so this is my first post here and i'm probably going to have to come back from time to time i've been into diapers and knew they turned me on since like the 5th grade i even stole some from the nurse's office back then and stashed them in my home i'm way older now have a job and can drink so that's just a bit about me... i share this because i have done a few quirky things with diapers on one of them was i put on two diapers and then put on 2 articles of shapewear,
3 stockings, 3 leotards, and the list goes on. I was bulging out with clothes and could barely put on a romper that i could normally fit into just fine. unbeknownst to you i also had put a quart of water up my butt. I am having trouble remembering how it came out but i remember i had to push harder than normal and i'm thinking about doing it again soon. I was wondering if anyone else has pressed their diapers up onto themselves like this and what it was like?