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Thread: ABDL tumblrs

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    Default ABDL tumblrs

    I love looking on other ABDLS tumblrs but I hate going on the ones that's just show pictures of people showing off their diapers or women showing off their breasts in diapers or sexual pictures,

    I like the ones where they show themsleves playing with toys, in different baby clothes and in high chairs etc.

    Which ones can you recommmend?

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    I totally get it, I want to see more ABDL playing or having play dates but all I ever find are people modeling their diapers.

    I havent seen any blogs like what we want though.

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    Yeah I understand that too. On one hand, most of us do get off on the adult/ kink side but on the other hand, when you really go full ABDL, it tends to be a different kind of comfort and pleasure. For me it confuses my brain to have sexual situations combined with diapers and baby play. I'm either in adult mode or in baby mode.

    My main pet peeve is the over sexualized adult baby pics, as you mentioned. Ones with pacifiers plugging up holes other than mouths, etc. Or picture scenarios that are obviously not real ABDLs.

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    I just like the cute women in diapers and t-shirts. The sex and nudity, although stimulating, is not what I want to see when I search for "diapered cuties" on tumblr.

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    I'm always afraid to show my little side on my Tumblr. D: I mean, I'm open about it in some places, but it depends on where I'm at and what not in terms of sites and stuff. I can imagine it's the same for other people who are actually into it for the joy of it rather than just as a kink. It certainly does make some of us look bad to those who don't understand it. There's a lot of really weird people out there, you know?

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    Tumblr uses a different terminology from what I can tell, try looking up chire, or cgl. Just be warned a lot of it is 'no abdl interact' because they're under the impression that abdl is strictly a sexual kink.

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    I found a lot of good ones under ABDL boys, I saw a few penises everyone and again but in general a lot cleaner and less awkward to look at for me, it actually looked cute, the ones with girls in made them look ,Ike sluts!

    Why is it when a girl does it, it's All sexualised!?

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    Because people are allowed a vast variety of interests and showing off one's body doesn't deem them a slut. Good job on being judgmental, tho. ��

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    What do you mean? "Good job on being judgmental?" , I'm not judgmental, why would I be here, then?

    I don't mind a bit of nudity but I'm only saying that they seems to be a lot of fetish type of tumblrs with people being tied in diapers or only people showing off diapers where I wanted to look at age play type pictures like people playing with toys, in cribs etc.

    I don't shun these poeple for doing what they do on their tumblrs, I just don't want to look st these kind of ABDL tumblrs in perticular

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm only trying to say that I want more ABDL girls to look so sexualised as littles and look more "innocent" rather than the sexy baby hybrid.

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