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Thread: Favorite flat cloth diaper folds

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    Default Favorite flat cloth diaper folds

    I am wondering what folds you like the best if you like flat diapers and also where are the best places to buy some that will fit a 34inch waist

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    I fold my flat cloth diaper in half, then slide it under me and do the bikini twist, use one pin in each side (pin back to front). This gives me extra absorbency where I need it and I can move around or walk without a problem. I wear plastic pants, usually pull-on ones at night and snap-side ones in the daytime. For overnight, I use two diapers, or insert a pre-fold for a stuffer.

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    I make my own flats from diaper flannel. Pointing up sleeping on my side the newspaper fold pinned in place with plastic pants works well for me. In my experience flat diapers are unsurpassed for containing bed-wetting. It's so simple, if the bed is still wet in the morning double/triple/etc. diaper till you donít experience leaks. As an added bonus flats are far and away the easiest/quickest diaper to launder.

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