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Thread: Hi, my introduction

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    Default Hi, my introduction

    I'm Billy and this is my first time posting. I am 19, in my second year of college (with a 3.89 GPA, majoring in musical education), and have been a professional musician for 4 years. I am still living at home with very loving parents.

    I am a very active DL (wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants nearly every night for years, and every night for at least the past 2 years), with my parents, well mostly my mother's, approval. I will explain why my mother is ok with, and even encourages my wearing diapers at nighttime.

    I can remember the exact day I started loving diapers. I was 4 years and 5 months old when I sister was born. I had been very content having my mother all to myself for all of these years and immediately resented having someone else take her attention. My mother said that I had been a great baby, having made all of the "baby milestones" ahead of the usual time. Like I had almost potty trained myself, day and night, by 25 months, having only a very few accidents afterwards. I only used a pacifier until my 26th month before giving it up freely. Nursed for just about a year and then giving that up. And so forth.

    So when I saw my sister getting all of "my" attention, with diaper changes and nursing, I naturally wanted some of the action! The first time I remember feeling this way was when I was watching mom change my sister. Because I was so young when I got out of diapers, I didn't remember wearing them, so right then I asked her if she use to do that to me (meaning diaper changing). She smiled at me and said "yes, I use to change your diapers this same way". And then after she finished changing my sister, she did something that "changed" my life. She came down to my level, put her hands on my shoulders and said, "I know you are having a hard time with having a new baby for mommy to take care of, and you were so young when you were a baby so you don't remember how mommy took care of you like this, would you like for mommy to show you how it felt like to be a baby for awhile?" I almost jumped with excitement when she asked me this and said YES!!!

    She had used cloth diapers on me (she is still a very "green" person and thought it was better then using disposables) and she was using the same cloth diapers on my sister. She said that after baby wakes up we will go to the store and get some plastic pants to fit me and then she would let me be a baby for awhile. I couldn't wait. When my sister woke up, true to her word, she got her and me ready and we went to the drug store. We went down the baby section and she got some Gerber toddler large plastic pants (I can remember this like yesterday). I even held all three boxes of them all the way home.

    As soon as we got home, mom changed sister and as she was changing her she looked at me and said, "in a few minutes I will be doing this to you", I was so excited I actually started to wet my pants right there! When my mother got me to my room and saw the wet spot she thought that was funny, saying "I guess you really can't wait". After she put sister down to sleep, she picked up three cloth diapers, powder, and some diaper pins and we went to my room. She babyishly folded the three diapers, positoned them on the bed, got the plastic pants ready and then started to take my clothes off. I was so excited it was like a dream to me. She got me on the diapers and then powdered me and then very babyishly pulled them over me and pinned them on me. Then she gently pulled the plastic pants over the diapers and tucked them in all around the diapers. I was in heaven!!!! It felt so good, all I could do was lay there and look into my mother's eyes and her beautiful smile. She finally pulled me up and off the bed and I just couldn't believe how good I felt. I had a mirror in my room and as I looked at myself my mother said that I looked just like I did when I was 2 years old.

    After I came out of my room with my diapers on, I guess I was alittle embarrassed about the diapers, because mom said, "its ok honey, just enjoy the diapers, I think you look so cute". Finally I did start relaxing and enjoying the feeling and within an hour when I had to go potty I told her I had to go and she said that is what diapers are for so just go potty in them. I remember I had a very hard time starting to go potty in the diapers. Mother had to put my hand in warm water and then I was able to go. I loved the feel of a wet diaper. I remember when daddy was coming home, I asked mother to take the diapers off because I didn't want daddy to see them on me. She told me that she had already told him over the phone so it was alright. I was embarrassed when he first saw me, but then he even changed me and I got over that fast.

    I actually wore diapers and plastic pants 24/7 for over two weeks. Going to the mall, going to church, going to the movies, everywhere without any shame at all. I loved it and wanted to wear them forever. Mother finally said that she thought I should go back to my underwear because I will forget how to go potty in the potty. I didn't want to but I did want to do what my mother said, so I did. But that night I really did wet my bed in my sleep. Mom thought I wet to get my diapers back, but she believed me when I said I didn't. She said the next night that she would let me wear nighttime diapers as long as I wanted because she saw that wearing diapers so relaxed me and I was so good to sister when I was in them.

    Well I could go on and on, but I should probably end this. After a few years of wanting them alot, even after sister was daytime potty trained (we would get our nighttime diapers on together), Mom said one day, "I know that there is something very special about diapers to you, that you have a real craving for them and that it is probably my fault that you have that craving and I am so sorry for instilling this in you". I wanted to thank her for it but I didn't say that because it would of hurt her. But she did say that wearing them had a profound relaxing effect on me that couldn't be all that bad.

    At 8 years old, she finally gave up trying to stop me from wanting to wear diapers, and she taught me how to diaper myself and said if I wanted to continue wearing them, ok, she would wash them, and buy larger plastic pants when I needed them, but it will become a burden to me and become a life long "problem" if I didn't give them up. She was trully hurt by what she thought she had done to me.

    I must say that many times since then I had wanted to stop and "get on with life". I finally did stop in 8th grade, saying I was finally over them. I got totally into high school and my musical instrument, and GIRLS. My mother thought it was over, and even gave away all the diapers and baby stuff. But then when I got good enough to start playing professionally, and people were asking me to even record with them, and I was having many playing jobs, I started getting really stressed out. I was doing great in school but the stress was starting to get to me with not being able to sleep at night and alot of stomach aches. My doctor said I had to slow down and learn how to relax or I would kill myself. When the doctor said "relax", my mother thought back to how the diapers would just totally relax me and I would be a different person in the morning. When we got home, she brought me aside and we sat down and she just started to say about how the diapers worked so well for me back then and maybe I should think about going back to wearing them at night. It would be so much better if they worked then taking medicine. Well I was alittle taken back by this and thought it would be very embarrassing wearing them again, especially around my sister, but at the same time, I was very aroused by the thought. Mom said she could probably find diapers and plastic pants to fit me on the computer, I just had to say the word.

    Well to finally make this shorter, I agreed, and she found diapers at a site called, and ordered them, and even for the first few nights diapered me (I really wasn't embarrassed at all, I was shocked). I was back in heaven again!! And they worked. The first few nights it was hard to sleep because of the excitement of being in diapers again, but after about 2 weeks, I was sleeping like a "baby" and waking up totally relaxed and refreshed and ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, over the years I know I now wet in my sleep again, and am concerned about when I meet a girl and get married, but at the moment I am having the time of my life!!!!

    Thank you all for your time and hope this lets you all know albout me better.

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    Holy shit that was tl;dr. I'm glad you took the time to explain things to us. Welcome.

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    While this is a nice and long introduction (I wish there were more). This sounds completely unbelievable. If you want to post stories, then we have a story section for that. I don't know if I believe any of your story, and I don't know how many other members will. It makes you appear as a creep (whether you are or not). I'd suggest posting something true about yourself, other than you about liking diapers. In fact, don't even mention diapers. I think we all know that someone who comes to this site has some kind of affiliation with diapers, so we don't really need to hear it. Say something about yourself that we couldn't easily guess, like hobbies.

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    I just love it when we get introductions like this on the site. There should be a total fall-out storm, complete with nuclear radiation. As for me, when my mom discovered my love for diapers, she took me to a shrink. Somehow, that's what usually happens to most of us. As for the long personal history, uh...not sure at all.

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    Dude, not gonna lie. I didn't read through all of that but we need more long intros I think.

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    Default <-- No one's going to beat the length of that thing in an introduction. NO ONE!!! ^_^ And if they do, I'll make a longer one. Yeah, I can.


    Welcome to ADISC! (If I didn't already say that. I ain't scrollin' up to check.)

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    I'm finding it hard to believe this but to some degree it does make since. "shrugs" Welcome to the site.

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    I'm with Takashi. Somehow, it makes sense, and it doesn't, at the same time.

    Welcome to ADISC.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    although your story was nice, we are real people, meaning that we have other interests too, and I for one, really want to know what style of music you play.

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    Hmmm...... this does stretch the limits of credibility, although he does purport to live in California. I prefer my stories in the story section, just as I prefer those nominally female to have the appropriate equipment.

    On the plus side, spelling and grammar are more or less in order.

    In any case, welcome aboard.

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