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Thread: How long have you worn diapers?

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    Default How long have you worn diapers?

    Just out of curiosity, how long have you guys been wearing diapers or pull ups or whatever you prefer? what age did you start wanting to wear/ when you actual put on your first diaper?

    Let me know!

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    I was 17 when I bought my firs package of the Depend Underwear. Later that same year, I bought the Rite Aid diapers with a coupon.

    I remember both days clearly and I even used one of them in a story I posted a couple years back.

    I've worn on and off since then, sometimes going through binge/purge cycles.

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    I have wanted to wear diapers for as long as can remember one time I was visiting my grandma and I wet the bed and she threatened to make me wear them I was disappointed when it didn't happen but I was 18when I found the courage to tell my girlfriend and she accepted it and took me to buy some depends before that I was using towels and things like that I'm 31 now

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    First got interested at about 4. Started experimenting with wetting toilet paper, sanitary napkins, etc. at about 11. Started really wanting to wear diapers around 20, got my first adult pull-ups at 20.

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    I didn't put on my first diaper as an adult until I was 24, which was three years ago.

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    going for 36 years i need them,

    started with tena slip super ( the very old green plastic ones) then maxi plastic ( i really trusted those) for a long time, tried the new ultimate but the where altered in size and fit, so leakage galore
    now i'm on Absorins for like 5 to 6 years. longest time in the same diaper like 16 hours

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    I used my first diaper when I was 7 and from that year its been on and off
    Not sure but have the desire a while and then it leave ><

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    I've worn for need 24/7 for about 30 years. I've worn at night for about 50 years.

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