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    Hello everyone.
    Im new to the site but not the scene if that makes sense. I have been in and out of diapers since i was 10 or so. Im now 29 have a fiance and some kids from a previous marriage. But i am writting today for some advise and i apologize if i am posting in the wrong spot. If someone could tell me were the right place is would greatly appreciate it.
    I am writting cause i have told my fiancee of my love for diapers. She says that she is ok with it and has even at times worn diapers for me i believe her with all my heart. But i still when i want to wear diapers get self conscious about what if shes juat lieing and really hates me for it. So i ask trying to get her to diaper me change me and even rub my diaper from time to time. I dont know what to do i am looling for advice in any way possible please help
    Thank you

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    This sounds like something you need to work out with your fiance

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    Don't push it on her. Don't ask for it every day. Don't forget to buy her Flowers ever so often to show you appreciate her.

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    Keep your needs in check with hers. There has to be an equal balance. If you ask her to partake in your fantasy, be sure you are doing so in hers. If done in this manner, you should be fine. You will know when you go too far by the lack of responce you get and the disconnect from your interests. That is why you take it slow, ensure she is getting what she needs and it's not always about your time with diapers.
    It seems we in this community desire to share what we like with our significant others, then obsess over it to the point of pushing that person away. Much like an addictive drug, we must be satisfied with a little at a time, and that seems to work best when sharing this type of interest with the majority of the world.

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    Honestly it's not for everyone. If she puts up with it and even wears with you then she's already golden in my eyes. However asking her to change you or even rub you might take come coercing. My suggestion is during conversation or even sexy time bring it up with conversation. Worse that could happen is she gets upset and says no and that's when you say just kidding (even when your not). Don't force it because you may turn her flame off completely. And if you have to change yourself then so be it at least she's accepting of you though!

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    If she is lying, then the truth will eventually come out. In the meantime, as mentioned above, don't force the issue. It might make things worse. Take it day by day and keep wearing as you do. If it bothers her, she will let you know. If she is OK with it, then you will see more openness from her. Good luck and keep us posted!

    P.S. If it comes down to a decision ask yourself which is more important: Your fiancee or your diapers? This is where a compromise may come into play. Maybe only wear on weekends?

    Also, how old are the children? Do they know? Do you have your stash well hidden from them? This is an issue that has come up before.

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    It sounds like perfectly normal paranoia, seriously, I'm not making fun at all.

    We all get or have been there. Just keep doing what you have been doing, she agreed to marry you right? She wants to spend her life with you, don't get self conscious about that. Be happy she is as understanding as she is. My fiance left it at "I'm willing to work with you on it." I'm still content with that, mostly because it means she isn't against it totally.

    My advice: take a deep breathe, then another. Count to ten, and keep loving her over and over again. Focus on her needs as she has focused on your needs. Then be happy with her.

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    Sometimes it's not about lying, but trying to meet someone half way, and then realizing that they just can't. From what you've said, I don't think this is the case. My wife accepts me and supports me. There can be happy endings. Just take it slowly and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. It took me time to accept the fact that my wife accepts me.

    At first, I'd wear a diaper to bed but I wouldn't let it show, etc. But over time, I'm often in a diaper and a t-shirt later at night. If all goes well, you'll both get more comfortable with this. Wearing diapers is surely not the end of the world.

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