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Thread: I can't believe i bought some play-doh plus a question

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    Cool I can't believe i bought some play-doh plus a question

    just like the title says...... I bought some play-doh.

    the other day in wal-mart I looked and looked and could not find the right kind of toys then I see some play-doh and I picked up and purchased it.

    I have not had any fun with it yet I need to find a table with a smooth enough surface and then I can have fun with it all I want to, while in little space tee-hee.

    funny thing is I went to my job and made some "dough" (btw I am NOT a baker) and then went out and bought some play-doh <<< get it.

    Interesting fact for everyone that play-doh back in the 1930's was actually wall paper cleaner funny how something that was meant to be all serious is now used as a kids toy.

    but now to move on to my real question what other toys can I buy at walmart are other stores please don't say hotwheels I really want toys that help get me into little space.

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    Just for future reference. It is REALLY easy and really cheap to make playdough. Just look up the recipe when your current playdough eventually goes off.

    I always liked Lego. I personally prefer things that stimulate me intellectually as well. Kids enjoy their games because they learn or accomplish something. Playdough feels good and is creative. Lego is creative and you make it is challenging as you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aidy View Post
    Just for future reference. It is REALLY easy and really cheap to make playdough. Just look up the recipe when your current playdough eventually goes off.
    But you can't recreate the signature Play-Doh smell.

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    Because my mum used to make our Playdough home made Playdough is my signature Playdough smell.

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    I know that smell. Another one I remember is the chemical scent from a can of slime. This is the old school stuff. I played with it in the 1970s. The stuff that would crystalize when it got dry. It had a unique odor that I can still recall.

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    For "little" stuff, how about coloring books and crayons? As a little kid, I had a toy garage that came with cars, etc. The garage had workmen and an elevator. I have a plastic one now that we supposedly bought for the grandchildren. My original one was tin metal.

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    My current nanny keeps looking for toys I'll like, and I'm in a bit of a quandary. I have to wear glasses, and keeping them on when I'm being babied doesn't do much to help me feel 'little.' Without the glasses, I cannot see to play with Lego, etc. I'm also very sensitive to rough textures and I don't really like to color.

    I can watch DVDs and I enjoy being read to, but most playthings designed for bigger kids require good eyesight. The only way I have good eyesight is with glasses on. Maybe I'll try Playdoh again!

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    play-doh is lots of fun
    I all so use to have silly putty
    all though toys gave me hours of fun
    what good memories.

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    I think dogboy has a good response and I agree with OP that Hot Wheels (and Matchbox) can appeal to much older ages.

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    Thanks for all the replies.

    I have play-doh
    coloring books
    hotwheels and matchbox cars (mostly from my childhood)
    dinosaurs (all kinds from my childhood also)
    dvd's mostly dora the explorer MLP:Fim and Thomas the tank engine
    Knex toys those can be fun to put together.

    and yes I am now officially the proud owner of a fidget spinner which can be fun also a great stress reliever

    That pretty much sums up all the toys I have with some being new and others I have saved from my childhood.

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