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    I am a baby girl. I am three months old and were Pampers Baby Dry size 6. Like other girls my age I am always in a diaper. I only eat baby formula some days I can eat 12 to 16 oz other days I can eat 20 but, I ushaly only eat 12 oz. I like to suck on a pacifier and sleep a lot. I do not sleep through the night and i cry a lot too. If i am wet , hunger , or just want to be held I cry as do every other baby my age. I am not very good at eating my baby formula, but I am good at peeing and poping. It is a good age to be only three months old.

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    Welcome babyformulagirl! You sound like you have a nice baby life! Do you have any other hobbies or interests? Are you in school?

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    You're an adult baby, not a real-life baby. That means acting like an adult at times, and not purely acting like a baby on the forums.

    To a certain extent, we allow such behavior on the chat, but users are expected to not derail other conversations by interrupting them to share (for the umpteenth time) that they are a 3 month old baby or that they fit into Pampers.

    Banned for refusing to engage appropriately on the site.
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