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    Well, for the first time in years I'm in a diaper as a write this. A family road trip fell through, but the hotels were non refundable so I decided to go anyway. The opportunity was to good to pass up and I bought some Goodnites and baby wipes and here I am. Laying in a hotel bed in a soaked diaper. I had to share with someone and figured who better than all of you?

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    Sounds like a great way to do a road trip. i haven't had a chance to do that in many years.

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    I took some sdks with me a month ago and it was fun. The best part for me was being desperate for a non busy town with a gas station with a private restroom. The funnest part was running to the motel bathroom and just letting the rest out in an already soaked diaper.

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    Sounds awesome hope you enjoy! I wear 24/7 but I have too many snoopy people in my life to actual go somewhere by myself and just enjoy diaper time

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    I'm on a road trip as well. But only wearing at night in the hotel. This is new for me. I have only slept in a diaper at home. I'm not sure how I will get rid of my diaper in the morning though. The last one was put in a paper bag and dropped in the outside trash.

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    I have to often travel for work and one of the few benefits is that I get to openly hang out in my hotel rooms in just my diapers and plastic wife knows of my wearing and has never been judgemental but when I revealed my diaper desires to her, her only request was that I be discreet and not openly walk around without my diaper being covered up....when I travel I can wear my diapers out in the open without hesitation and its a great feeling.

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    I did a road trip in a molicare super plus. I was nervous the leg gathers would cut into me a bit seeing how I'd be sitting for six to seven hours straight or that the other co pilot would bust me. I didn't have a problem with it. I pulled over to let one of my buddy's go to the bathroom and he was surprised I didn't need to use the rest stop bathroom... Little did he know I was soaking my diaper as he asked xD I did hit it's maximum capacity. I could feel the top of my "crack" being full of wetness by the time the trip was done. I was also worried he might smell some urine but I made sure I was hydrated. I did have to pull over to relieve myself once because my diaper needed to be changed and there was no way I could. I would recommend padding on a drive for any abdl out there.

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    That sounds cool, and I will admit that I have gone on this site in the past while wet, which I am not right now.

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