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Thread: Coming in out of the rain?

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    Default Coming in out of the rain?

    There's an old saying that goes something like, "He doesn't have the sense to come in out of the rain."

    Well, apparently I don't have the sense to come out of a wet diaper!

    I have to wear to bed but I usually put it on around 8-9 because I'm DL and go to bed about 10-11. The thing is, if I have a diaper on I'm going to wet it. So I go to bed a little wet. I definitely wet it at least once or twice in my sleep so that by the time I wake up its soaked. Still, I get up and don't change. I usually wet it one to three more times until its droopy between my legs.

    So, I've had a wet diaper on for 10-12 hours before I take a shower. Guess what? Diaper rash! Had to go out and get some diaper rash cream at CVS. Inner thighs are OWCHIE.

    Anyone else not have the sense to come in out of the rain?

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    I seem to be immune to rash. I feel asleep once after a messing and was going to take a shower but feel asleep and took it the next day. If anything at most there was slight red look but no irritation.

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    i definately stay as far away from d.rash as possible

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    Yes I totally agree. I'm a dl and I decided back in December to wear diapers 24/7 and I have since. Well yesterday I worked a double shift at work so I put a clean diaper on around 530 am and I didn't end up using it until about 12pm and it was a flood. Well by the time I got off work I was drained and exhausted and I'd wet 2 more times so by this point the diaper was pretty droopy. I took of my work clothes and immediately fell asleep around 10pm and don't wake until 9am. When I woke up I realized I'd wet again in my sleep because my whole back side had wetness indicators gone when they were there before. Luckily my skin is pretty hardy so I rarely get rashes ever

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    So far Balmex seems to do the trick for me. But weirdly I kind of like having a little diaper rash itís just another shameful reminder of what a naughty bed wetter I am and itís kind of embarrassing if my wife has to apply the diaper rash cream to the spots I canít reach or see. Although my wife isn't 'into it" she does help me out if I need it. As Iíve said before I kind of like a little humiliation.

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    I used to get bad rashes when I first started wearing 24/7, but my skin has adapted and that seldom ever happens anynore.

    However, I did recently start using crinklz diapers for overnight. I noticed that even after soaking them, they still felt dry and had plenty of capacity left.

    So I decided to see how long thet would last. Even with staying well hydrated, these diapers lasted a full 24 hours before getting a bit too ripe (and clumping was bad too). Sure enough, I had a rash after that. Now I won't wear one for more than about 12 hours.

    More recently I've also developed a urethral blockage and have been draining through an emergency suprapubic catheter. Well I am still peeing like 1% of my normal output though. At first it didn't seem like enough to warrant changing more than once a day.

    Sure enough, after a few days I had a really bad and painful rash. After that I said screw it and let my catheter drain into my diaper. I'm changing more often this way so it's actually better for me. Plus, it's way more comfortable than needing a urine bag.

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