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Thread: Favorite beauty products?

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    Default Favorite beauty products?

    I just got some from my aunt and uncle. As well as from my mom. They were presents for my birthday. I'll only tell you a few things I got. From Aunt and Uncle I got nail design pictures. I mostly got nail stuff. From my mom I got hand creams, face masks, lip balm, and sample things. One hand cream is shaped like a peach and then ones an apple. Both the other hand cream and lip balm are pandas (hand creams, lip balm, and face masks come from Japan). Mom was actually going to take the samples and face masks from me, but said I could have them (she just needed them for free shipping). But enough of the cute creams I got, what are your favorite beauty products?

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    for me, these make all the difference in the world.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    for me, these make all the difference in the world.....
    Hehe, so true. HRT and hair removal has done more for me than all the makeup in the world.

    If I had to pick a single product beyond that, i'd go for my dermablend stick. It covers a multitude of sins...

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    i've got a whole lot of stuff !

    i've got a sensitive skin, so babyshampoo for showering,
    i've also got couperose, and have sensitive skin creame and cleaning foam, from the same brand also deodrant, not perfumed and pH neutral
    i love the diapercream, lotion, wipes, powder and more

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