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    I enjoy being a DL but being secretive can be annoying.

    Buying nappies online and getting them shipped to a parcel locker, drive there and pick them up and wait till there is no one home and bring them inside.

    Trying to take out used nappies to the bin.

    Washing plastic pants in shower and hanging in wardrobe.

    The only good thing is I live with two housemates and one regularly works but the other is out a few times a week.

    Just got to wait until the coast is clear so I can bring in my latest box with nappies and plastic pants.
    Then pick up my other purchase of cloth nappy when I'm near town.

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    I know how you feel. Nothing is worse than being at home at night diapered only to have to put on pants because you're afraid of being caught by roommates. I really hate having to hide my diapers as well. If only people could understand what they're missing out on.

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    The vast majority of DLs are in the closet. Secrecy is part of the game.
    If I were in your situation, I would go with the medical brands and if caught, tell them that I had some incontinence issues.

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    I was a closeted diaper wearer, now I'm out to my mom and while it's certainly not the right choice for everyone, it was for me. Enjoying diapers everyday when before that just wouldn't have been possible.
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    Yeah, it was liberation for me when I had to come out to my wife. So glad she was accepting as now I'm diapered every night. The only time I have to hide stuff is when one of our kids and family come and stay over night, but that's okay. It doesn't happen very often, and I'd rather enjoy their company than diapers. They never stay very long.

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    Diapers are my sanctuary of inner peace and relaxation.People around ruins it for me so i enjoy it in solace, my private spa lol.

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    I only use my nappies in private. I live in a house share with 3 other guys. They all know I wear and I don't think they suspect I like wearing. We have 4 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bathrooms. One night when I was drunk I left a wet Attends Slip my accident in the bathroom overnight, I live in housing for people with learning disabilities and they told the staff. Nobody mentioned it or brought it to my attention so think its forgot about.

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    I'm still a very private diaper lover. However, my diapered life got so much easier and fun once I told me wife. She embraced it and occasionally wears and participates with me. I can now wear whenever I want in front of her; before I was restricted to wearing just when she wasn't around, which was never more than a few hours. Other than that though, nobody else knows...and I think I want to keep it that way. For me it's mostly a sexual fetish, with a small part of it being for comfort and security. As with any sexual fetish, you tend to keep that sort of thing to yourself and partner.

    With that being said, if being a DL somehow became socially accepted, I may be more open to tell people about it. However, the current social stigma surrounding ABDL or wearing diapers in general prevents me from doing so...

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    There's a HUGE difference between being secretive/closeted and being private (or even open with those closest to you). I have always believed that unless those around you are looney, then trying to keep your diapers a secret is just silly. It causes us so much stress and anxiety to be that way, so why do it.

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    It's part of the arcane lifestyle we live. I have two kids and the house isn't that big. I'm going to need to order a case of diapers around the middle of the month. I used to sweat waiting for the delivery until I started having them hold my packages at the UPS/ FedEx stores. Even so, I'll probably wait until the right time to pick them up, doing other adult errands along the way such as buying my cannabis meds. Can't take them with me for that and they know it so it's easy to make a second trip for my box of secret goodies! Then I'll keep the box in my truck until my younger kid goes to bed. The teenager almost never leaves his room so that should be easy to slip past him. My wife knows and is very accepting although she does not participate.

    It's a weird way of living. A double life. A very personal and private life yet it's a large part of who I am. Sometimes it can be scary but in my situation I would feel far more uneasy trying to sweep this under the rug. Our culture is the one in the wrong as far as how we are perceived and treated and in a way, that's the only real "danger" of this. I feel stronger, not weaker, for wearing diapers because I'm going against the societal flow and choosing to live my life as my identity requires. It takes guts to be who you are sometimes.

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