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Thread: Thinking about getting Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi

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    Question Thinking about getting Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi

    I saw abu has the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi diapers in their stock now, was thinking about getting a pack, How are they in comparison to abena M4's and dry 24/7's and super dry kids, as far as thickness and how much they absorb?

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    They've got quite a few positive points and are a pretty good "medical grade" diaper. They're relatively thin when dry, maybe 1/2 as thick as most premiums, but do swell quite a bit when wet. (they've got a fair amount of SAP in them, a bit heavy for their size) Capacity is pretty good but I haven't given it a very good test. My main concerns with them are (1) no front elastic, (2) padding doesn't come up anywhere near the ends of the diaper (lots of "dead plastic"), and most bothersome are the extremely short standing leak guards. They're as short as it gets, at 1". Most other aspects of them are quite good though. VERY soft shell, good tapes, mostly-white design, much stronger than average leg / butt-cheek elastic. (they really "hug your bottom" compared to most other diapers) I don't care for a ton of dead plastic in front so I typically cut off 1/2 of the dead plastic on the front end, all the way across, removing a 2" wide strip of shell. It slightly changes the fit, but seems to work better for me. I'd just prefer a diaper that I didn't have to modify to use. You can't cut off the end so carelessly when there's the rippled elastic waistband (or tapes to dodge around in the back) but for these it's a fairly trivial modification.

    They're the same diaper as the (discontinued?) Tena Slip Maxi plastic shelled from last year. I think they went to discontinue them in favor of the (very poor) new clothlike variation, got a lt of complaints, and so instead just rebranded/renamed them to separate them from the TSM brand.

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    I just got a pack that arrived yesterday. Some thoughts after wearing and using one last night. They seem to run smaller than I would of liked. The sizing for Med says 28-48 I have 42 inch weight and it feels quite tight even though I have 6 inches of clearance.

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    I last tried Tena Slip Maxis a decade ago. I bought one package from Bambino during the recent sale. There are, of course, some differences between the modern version and the last ones I wore, including the overall size, which seems somewhat smaller, and the lack of a wide frontal landing zone. The capacity remains good, and the diaper still swells appreciably. The tapes are significantly improved, with a lot more adhesion.

    I had no leaks, and wore each diaper a couple of hours before changing. I did like the new exterior purple checkerboard print, which is far more noticeable than the old print.

    I've been wearing Northshore Supreme Lites when out and about, even though there are better 'stealth' choices out there. Overall, I think I prefer the Northshore to the current Tena Slip, but I could wear either. I think the Northshore shell is a little more prone to rustling under clothing, but the more generous sizing makes it easier to get a good fit.

    The Tenas certainly brought back a lot of memories! I used to have to get those big packages home on public transportation, which was almost always quite an experience.

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    I was a little disappointed when these first came out and lacked the landing zone that the TSM's had. Other than that, the fit, feel, and performance are pretty much the same as the TSM's. At the price ABU is charging, it's actually a bargain for the diaper you're getting...I recommend getting them! Especially at the case price of $1.11 per diaper. I bought a pack from Bambino before ABU started selling them, and I now feel like I got ripped off. I'll be buying a case from ABU before too long.

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