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Thread: Dandelion Deuretics?

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    Default Dandelion Deuretics?

    This may or may not be true, but I plan on trying this myself. Turns out the milk from a dandelion, of all plants, supposedly works as a mild deuretic. I will be testing this on myself at some point. You may hear from me soon enough.

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    I was told that dandelions make you wett the bed when I was growing up hehehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by icklespace View Post
    I was told that dandelions make you wett the bed when I was growing up hehehe
    Haha....I had heard similar but I've never tried it. Oddly, I don't seem to have any dandelions in my lawn! They also used to make dandelion wine but I've never had any of that either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icklespace View Post
    I was told that dandelions make you wett the bed when I was growing up hehehe
    That is actually a lie. It will increase your urine output, but does not cause incontinence.

    If you have a "normal" bladder, you will wake up to go pee. On the other hand, if you already bed wet then it will likely lead to or partially ensure you will wet the bed. In either case, it is not the cause for bed wetting.

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    I know we cannot ask to become incontinent but can we share our non-incontinent experiences like our acciddents

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    As Slomo mentioned, you cannot make yourself incontinent this way. Secondly, you don't want to. It's not fun if you can't "turn it off." If you just want to pee more, you don't need dandelions. Just drink a couple glasses of water.

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    I don't think there is much truth to the idea that dandelions make you wet the bed. Though, funnily enough, the common French name for dandelions is "peeing in the bed" (pisenlit). Dandelion comes from the plant's other French name, dent de lion (lion teeth), which is much less amusing.

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    Can't say it enough.

    Diuretic ≠ urine version of laxatives

    Diuretics simply cause the bladder to make more urine and fill faster. That is all. Period.

    Laxatives of the stimulant variety (such as bisacodyl) stimulate the muscles of the colon to move more, causing them to move stool though and break down the stool further than otherwise (increasing ease of movement). If you "hold it" with a laxative long enough the stool will become completely liquid and the involuntary muscle contractions can cause an accident. (You're supposed to go before it reaches the liquid point, and normally you're taking them when the stool is extra hard causing constipation (although they do give a dose intended to fully liquify everything in there for colonoscopys))

    But diuretics do NONE of that, they simply cause the body to put more of it's water into urine. Which means if you aren't careful you can become dehydrated if you aren't replenishing the extra water you're pissing out.

    Also there is not any medicines that act in that manner in regards to urination. There simply isn't a medical need for such a thing. If for whatever reason they need to get you to fully empty your bladder that moment they stick a little tube up there called a catheter. Laxatives exist because there isn't such a simple solution as a catheter for solids.

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    I find tea to be a diuretic two or three cups of tea after some water and there is no holding back I have to go to the toilet or wet my self! Iced tea also works well.

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    Lots of things are diuretics but none that I know of affect actual continence. Though depending on your access to facilities, it may end up forcing you to use your diaper anyway

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