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Thread: DryNites Girls L/XL seller on eBay with free USA shipping

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    Default DryNites Girls L/XL seller on eBay with free USA shipping

    I just want to plug this eBay seller whom I've bought three times from now. They have DryNites L/XL Girls for $11 or so for a 9-pack, free shipping to USA. This is like a third of what other sellers charge when you include international shipping, which is why I keep wanting to share this. BTW DryNites are the same product as Goodnites, just a different name for the UK (and changes to Goodnites tend to take a few years before they appear in Drynites).

    I bought from him again recently and they are still the butterfly/flower designs that have never been on the USA Goodnites. They are also the newer shorter ones with more stretchy elastic (produced 2016-11), as the USA ones changed to a few years ago. A year or so ago this seller still had the older, taller ones with tighter elastic (wish I had bought more). Still good as the patterns are my main reason for buying these despite paying over $1 per pant.

    Also, I've never had any customs fees to pay when receiving the package. I've twice ordered four bags together and they've been shipped in a cardboard box for protection. They've always been discreetly packed, even when ordering just one, as it's in thick a black plastic mailer bag, with the address label declaring it in tiny print "Huggies Pants" among all the other customs text and table.

    These are the two patterns they have:
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    How do DryNites compare to Goodnites?

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    Praire, ye pullup maven -- How I loved your history of pull ups post. I found direct-pharmacy on ebay and ordered a pack, as well.

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