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Thread: too Little for all this Adulting.

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    Default too Little for all this Adulting.

    I am just too Little for all this Adulting.

    I just don't know what up with me.

    I got a good life with Paddy. My middle. And I going to be with my little bro in just 4 sleeps. I should be really happy.

    I got a job now very similar to the one I lost.

    I should be a happy Little boy.

    Ok I do know I am fight Depression and I don't like it becouse I don't won't to lose my happy thoughts.

    As you all know happy thought help you fly, that and pixie dust.

    And at the moment having to Adult every day is not helping. It like Captain Hook is out to get me.

    Ok for those of you that don't follow Little logic.

    Captain Hook is the world's emotional hooks that we find ourselves entangled in.

    The happy thoughts is the realisation of the emotional entanglement. Wich comes through regressing in to Little space.

    I just really won't to lose myself in my paintings.

    I diaper up have a bottle and refills, my pasifer. And my art stuff no big grown up world thing. And my music and I gone for hours, once it was over 12 hours and would of been longer if I had a caregiver with me to feed me.

    Hunger brought me out of that section wich was a sham. I was really enjoying my self.

    But at the moment I just don't seem to find the time. Becouse there someone or something that I need to deal with.

    I also seem to get tiyed out.

    At least this weekend I will be with Isaac. Just don't know who Little I can be, when he needs me to be his big.

    At time I just wanted to cry. Stamp my feet and shout " Go a way!" To the world.

    Hope some of you have tips for me.

    I do spend time in Little space but I just can't regress far enough or long enough.

    Well I hope I haven't brought a downer but just tiping out how I am at the moment seem to help.



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    still fighting some of my demons as well. im here if you want to talk buddy

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    Im Sorry you feel so bad

    I hope you feel better soon and get your happy thoughts again!

    Also hope you find yourselve able to regress as long and as far as you need to, Good Luck!

    Im always available to talk.<3

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    I fight similar issues to what you are describing.

    Sometimes the negative surprises feel like getting hit with a piece of piping.

    But nevertheless, when I regress.

    I feel it all melt away.

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