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    I need a good intro to cloth diapers. Im looking for something white and with clear plastic pants because that seems to be the most babyish look while still looking cute. I dont want the prefold look that looks like curtains, id rather have something that is pretty snug on the body.

    Something like the enclose pictures.

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    Check out they have a contour diaper that is kinda like a prefold but more diaper shaped and needs no folding. Just research the different adult cloth diaper websites and you will find tons.

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    Night time pre-folds: Adult ClothDiaperCo. w/Caurosal(sp) Bear vinyl panties

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    Thanks guys! Ill be sure to check them out.

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    I wear prefolds, but size small so I pin them from front corner to back corner. They don't look like curtains at all. I wear gauze because I can't get the twill in small, but if a medium would fit you, the twill have a nice babyish border sewn into them. I do own a twill medium, but I have to over fold them, giving them the look you don't want. I get that. I don't like it either.

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    Yeah, its that weird past your knees look lol

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    I get my cloth diapers from I wear prefold night diapers 24/7 and at night I double up them.

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