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    I bought my last bag of depends yesterday. They are hard to find now in size large in the stores. Only KMart seems to carry them and now they are closing. When I buy online I do not waste time and effort on depends. So this is why I assume that will be the last bag. I do enjoy the feel of them and love to hear how they crinkle. But they leave little to be desired for holding a wetting. They are the last diaper that has plastic backing you can buy in the store. They were the first diaper I dare to buy 10 years ago in my adult age.

    Good bye depends.

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    Do you have a RiteAid close? i do not know if you have Fred Meyers out there.. but they typically have carried (only) large Depends.. if no Fred Meyers .. might look for a Kruger associated department store..

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    Search online for a medical supply store near you. They almost always carry slightly better plastic backed diapers.

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