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Thread: fulltime 24/7 AB

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    Default fulltime 24/7 AB

    What is the longest anyone has spent in 24/7 baby mode and can it be done with hypnosis?

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    I know that some use hypnosis. to get into Little space.or the mind set of a baby.

    personly I havent used hypnosis as for the leath of time would depend on the person.

    having someone that you trust care for you. is somethis very special.

    there is so much more that first meet the eye.

    but anyway can you go more in to deteal about what you mean about hypnothapy and baby mode?


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    Diapered, 68 hours. Baby mode, probably no more than 2 hours.

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    The longest I had a diaper on 24/7 was at least 100 hours. Been in baby mode for at least 20 hours non-stop.

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    Longest diapered was 48 hours for me. Longest stretch in "baby mode" would be 6 hours.

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    Longest diapered 7 years longest little mode 3 days. I do not use hypno because to me it is more natural for me to just allow my self to regress.

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    Longest diapered 24/7: since Sept. 2015, "toddler-mode: about 8hrs waaaayyy back in 2004!

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    A few years ago I was in diapers about 10 weeks for all the days and most part of the day with paci, depending if I'd to go to buy something or not. Diaper limits me outside and I never use paci in public. So actually I enjoy only when nobody out of confident circle is around. Obviously sometimes I'm getting saturated and I've to take a rest of my dark side. But after some time wishes always return.

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    Diapered? Thus far, since last Friday. Baby mode? Never more than an hour, two max. I have to be an adult most of the time, and honestly it suits me. I don't think I could stand more than 3 hours of being in baby mode.

    As far as hypnosis goes, I've tried out a few tapes, and honestly they didn't do much for me. I've heard the same from most too. I think you've just gotta either learn to let go of adult behaviors, or start doing things often enough that it becomes habitual

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