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Thread: Powder the diaper or powder yourself

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    Default Powder the diaper or powder yourself

    I'm just curious which is better when using baby powder

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    powder yourself,

    when powdering the diaper it creates a barrier and you can possibly leak because of the powder blocking absorbency of your diaper

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    I lay my diaper open on the floor below me and slather on the powder. Then I tape up and pull the wings away from my hips and sprinkle in a little more powder. (otherwise many pimples on hips!)

    So my diaper catches most of the powder that doesn't stay on my skin when I rub it on.

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    I powder the diaper first then powder myself.

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    I apply it to me. I need to get it into the folds between my leg and crotch or I get funky in there.

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    I don't use enough of it to worry about any loss of absorbency from applying directly to the diaper. Putting it on the skin is preferred but that's not efficient for me with a standing change and the difference isn't significant enough to be concerned.

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    I don't use powder. I've tried it, but I could never see that it served any useful purpose.

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    I lay a line down the middle of the diaper and then lay down and put it on.

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