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Thread: Candy binges anyone?

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    Default Candy binges anyone?

    So Easter Sunday... a Catholic holiday with pagan "fetrility festival"(that explains all the bunnys and eggs...catholics just say the spring symbols mean new life) traditions to lure the pagans into the catholic religion.

    Well the Easter bunny was really good to my favily because i have a little brother and sister both in elementary school. Now... with all this food lieing around I'm really tempted to eat ALL OF IT. I'm a bit of a sweet tooth

    So I gotta try not to do that so i don't feel guilkty and have my finger down my throat later >.>

    So far today ive had lots of candy;probabbly 200 calories worth

    has anyone else started binging on candy today?

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    I haven't had any candy today, theres none at my house =(

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    I have yet to eat any today. The holidays aren't as big of a deal when you're older

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    I don't actually eat candy. I haven't for as long as I can remember. Chocolate is the only exeption.

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    D: i feel so fat and its only 12pm and im going to my nana's D: she cooks sooooo much and its soooooooooo good

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    I'm not big on candy anyway. I've had bars of chocolate sitting around that were almost 2 years past their "best before"-date.
    Plus cheap chocolate has the potential to cause allergic reactions, so I tend to be careful with chocolate candy.


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    i ate so much today D:
    makes me tempted to fast

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    I've had some chocolate, but that's about it. It's my birthday tomorrow though (or today since it's 2 AM) and I've prepared a lot of food for that. Fatty food. Lots and lots of fatty food. And cake. So I bet I'll get my fair share of calories before the weekend's over anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curiousitykitten View Post
    So far today ive had lots of candy;probabbly 200 calories worth

    Or do you mean grams?

    I actually haven't eaten much candy today. Only some Smarties. Because I need to keep my brain going.

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    im eating very very very healthy tomorrow

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