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Thread: Being Babied As a Path to Healing

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    Default Being Babied As a Path to Healing

    As I've stated on the forum many times before, the one thing I crave more than anything is simple: nurturing.

    I tend to feel that being babied is the one thing that can truly heal my wounds. But more than that, I think of it as something that could also help me grow as an adult as well. I feel that you cannot expect the adult to be happy and successful until you pull out and tend to the small, damaged child on the inside, the child that feels abandoned, alone, and unloved. A child that feels secure will grow into a confident adult.

    So... could a redo work? If I was essentially given a second childhood by someone willing to play mommy or daddy, could I sort of... grow up again, in a way? I could be ''re-raised'', this time learning social skills. As I took in the warmth I so desperately crave, wounds would close up, allowing me to start progressing forward. Of course, as is the nature of adult babyhood, I would not ''grow up'' completely, instead returning to ''Mommy'' or ''Daddy'' regularly to continue to be nurtured. But instead of being stuck in the stage of damaged little kid in an uncertain world, wouldn't I then have the confidence to wade out into those waters as an adult?

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    Sounds like A good plan, I sometimes wish I could have a second chance like that, although it's kind and already happened to me with step family which all love me already and want an der are helping me be the best version of myself as both how I am and my adult me. I'm never t being babied but they are helping me move on and improve myself and gain confidence which to me means so much to me, that to me is what I missed out on and no amount of babying could give me those skills that I desperately needed.

    Although I frequently baby myself on a daily basis and with that I feel I could reach for the stars!

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    i can agree soo much for both of you !!!

    i've got facial differences, and all my life i've been into hospital for sugery.
    my childhood was nothing but agony pain suffering and medical hands, no affectional hands and motherly love...
    i would love to escape to a warm caring person and let go of all the thing what a hard life could make it hard.
    i'm currently into taking care my personal loss because of infirtility, and my ticking clock about wanting to have a baby. i've decided to buy a doll and try to heal my wounds !
    my carehome staff are not responding well to this, so i had to take a lovely person outside into trust and tell her about my feelings and desires...
    anyway... regressing? into a nice place with warmth soft fabrics and nice smells of careproducts, and a really lovely person to take care into her or his hands would be the best medicine !
    wishing you the best in this situation !

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    To clarify things a bit: I didn't have a terrible childhood. I knew warmth and affection once, from my mother; I remember being small and lying on her stomach. But as I grew older, and this type of nurturing dissipated, I didn't have much to take its place. My teen years were when things started getting rocky.

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    As I was growing up, I didn't get that much love and respect from anyone. Whenever I would do something to piss off my dad, he would swat me in the ass with a belt or stick a jalapeno in my mouth if I swore. My elementary and middle school years was mostly miserable. I'd get in trouble for even the smallest things, my peers would make me feel bad by calling me retarded and pushing me around like a rag doll. I try to push back but I would always get into trouble, but not them. In middle school, half of the students thought I was a pervert and only had very few friends. I thought my trouble would be over when I hit high school. There, everyone forgot about me and found normal people who accepted me as a friend. But then my dad gets arrested for drunk driving and I end up in my uncle's apartment. He would use me as a punching bag/lightning rod for a couple of months, then he just gives me to state custody. At least the staff and other kids there were nice, even the owner of the group home liked me. Eventually my dad gets out of jail on probation and he took me back home. I had to spend a couple of years trying to replace all the stuff I lost.

    After everything was replaced, I decided I need to heal these deep mental wounds. So I got into infantilism at a slow pace. It somehow feels somewhat comforting to sleep with a paci in my mouth, drink warm milk from a bottle, and use diapers on a daily basis. I feel so much happiness when I do this stuff. If I didn't make that choice, I would have gone completely insane. I raise a glass to infantilism.

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    I had to deal with a lot during my upbringing. Being abused by teachers and other students, along with having problems with being accepted by my parents as a 'little' after I was forced to reveal it during Senior year. Just like you Kimba, I feel that the nurturing and other things dissipated as I grew; partly because I was pushing away by trying to be more mature so that I could avoid being picked on and partly because my parents were pushing me along in an effort to become more 'adult' and less 'spoiled child' (at least in their heads). When my parents still didn't have a clue and even when they did know I was a 'little', the person you really are inside all of that 'adult side' needs to be healed in order for you to move forward. Recreating and reliving the embrace and nurturing of childhood/babyhood does help and in fact if you make a regular habit of it, it will work exponentially better for you. At least it did for me, anyway.

    Ultimately I would want to at least experience my inner child/infant like Onesieman has done - without a mommy or daddy. However, some people believe that having a mommy or daddy may assist this even further. Just be sure you trust the person first or else you might get burned and have another gouge in your 'little' self to heal.

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    I don't think you could get a really extended period of time to spend as just a child, unfortunately. It's the nature of the world that we all need to learn to take care of ourselves and while some amount of do-overs and life switches are possible, they can be pretty challenging.

    What you CAN do, though, is to integrate some of the things you're talking about into your life. Especially if you find a willing and helpful mommy or daddy. But even without one. You can absolutely use ABDL activities as a way to relax when you have free time, you can work with a mommy or daddy to engage in nurturing activities and let your inner self come out in safety with them, and you can work on progressing or changing your child-self even as the adult self keeps on going to keep your day to day life running.

    And, of course, if you do get a chance to take a week's vacation, you might be able to spend nearly all of that time as a baby if that's something that you really want, too.

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    You'd be surprised (or maybe not) just how many people do exactly that Kimba (of course, they have to balance it with actual adult life, sadly can't just withdraw from all reality completely!), but age-play is actually a lot more common than you would think for psychological healing. Generally either because you had a bad childhood and need to re-do, or you have a bad adulthood and need to escape back to when things were good to help you cope. I've even heard one author describe how she used it sexually to help her psychologically heal from something very nasty that I won't describe here that happened when she was 3 - she wasn't old or emotionally mature enough to deal with it when it happened, so age-playing helps her go "back" to that moment, but this time she's in complete control and she has the emotional maturity to process everything. Apparently it's been a huge help for her.

    I've actually heard of age-play therapy and therapists before existing over in America, but I've never come across it as an option myself. Which is a shame, because I think most people could benefit from something like that. Therapy in general would be nicer if you got to curl up with a blankie and stuffed animals, and plenty of people could use that escape once in a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shard View Post

    I've actually heard of age-play therapy and therapists before existing over in America, but I've never come across it as an option myself. Which is a shame, because I think most people could benefit from something like that. Therapy in general would be nicer if you got to curl up with a blankie and stuffed animals, and plenty of people could use that escape once in a while.
    Yep. While I appreciate going to therapy as a place to discuss my thoughts and various issues that come up in life... It hasn't really seemed to help me all that much. I kinda wish I could regress with a therapist.

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    There are two kinds of regression therapy. One is a sort of hypnosis thing where you put yourself back in childhood as an attempt to remember things that may have affected your life back then. It's a tad controversial and not really what we're talking about here.

    There was a woman named Jaqui Lee Schiff who ran a therapy operation called Transactional Analysis (and wrote a book) about regressive therapy similar to our fantasies where they'd put people in diapers and otherwise threat them like babies. It's pretty roundly been rejected as a real therapy.

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