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Thread: Tykables overnight size 2?

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    Default Tykables overnight size 2?

    I'm looking at purchasing a box of overnights and was wondering what everyone's experience is regarding sizing. I am generally a large in most however often they feel too big however most mediums are too small.
    Tena Slip maxi large are perfect size for me which tend to be smaller than most large I am just trying to decide if I try there size 2 or 3. I have purchased amd and molicare mediums before which claim to be up to 120 cm and I am approx 110 and they were too small. Tykable also claim size 2 are up to 120
    But there 3's sound enormous.
    Thanks for your input.

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    from my experience and what ive read from other reviews tykables can tend to run on the smaller side. so if your normally a large get large and if your on the high end of the sizing for large go for XL

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    tykables are based on the same model as dcamore/bambino/mydiaper and run about 1/2 size small in both length and width.

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    You'll be hard pressed to find any, as Tykes is out of stock of all their diapers.

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    Like leafine said tykables is out of stock and has been for months and haven't said jack about their """new""" ones.

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    Thanks everyone much appreciated

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    Diapers are suposed to feel big. They fit like diapers, not underwear.

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    Much agreed Slomo, diapers are diapers, underware is underware, can't mix the two

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