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Thread: What do you like about Diapers/Wetting

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    Default What do you like about Diapers/Wetting

    I don't really know how to start this, but I was wondering how you guys felt when you wet a diaper, what it feels like, or your favourite parts about them.

    Do some of you prefer to only wear and not wet?

    I myself do not wear diapers but I really want to start wearing every now and then so Id love to hear what everyone has to say about it and why they like them so much! thank you!

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    I like to wear and wet, but not mess, and what I like about wetting is feeling the warmth and feeling it spread across my diaper. I think I also enjoy the feeling of doing it when I should be going in the toilet at my age.

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    I like doing both, being a 2-3 year old 'little' and all, but I prefer wetting to messing. The wetting, I like the feeling of the warmth that spreads across and the actual feeling of the rushing pee as it trickles down the front of the diaper. This feeling fills me with a sense of calming. Almost as if all my troubles and negative feelings were being expelled into my diaper. I like the times when I can BM with minimal effort, but when I have to push a lot, I hate doing it. Usually I like wetting my diaper to capacity, but if I manage to do a major BM, I usually change immediately.

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    I wear cloth diapers and I like the way they feel when they are wet and I don't mess but I am a bedwetter to and I will wake up in the morning and I feel great after the pee wicks into the diaper you don't feel wet at all I love it

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    First time wearing will be magical; the thick, crinkling, poofy garment in between your legs, wrapping itself around your rump, it's all so relaxing and securing.

    Wetting raises that secure feeling. The feeling of your diaper warming up, the swell, the squish sound, and the comfort in knowing that it can (most likely) take much more.

    Messing is the ultimate in baby behavior, and makes me feel really small when doing it, especially when wearing a footed sleeper or something over it that's very inconvenient to take off. I won't get too much into the details of this one; this is really something one must experience for himself/herself if one's willing to do it.

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    i'm urinary incontinent, so i do wet, because of a irritable bowel syndrome, i also mess but thats's not on regular basis

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    For me wearing diapers is the most secure feeling I can have at any time, I wear to bed every night and am wet every morning, I also wear during the day when i can and the feeling to wet or mess is just the most peaceful secure feeling I can ever attain

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    When I wear diapers it gives me the feeling of being a baby again, just having soft cotton wrapped around me is so soothing and makes me feel secure. I like wetting them because it gives me such a warm feeling that makes me more secure about myself. That the squishy feeling of a wet one is so comforting even after I change myself. I only mess when I don't feel like using the toilet, and I gives me relief. Diapers are such a great thing.

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    not having to get out of bed and make a run to a cold floor and bright light 3-5x a night has really improved my sleep.

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    I wet myself twice yesterday, once while watching a movie with my hubby and the second time just before bed with a good few hours in between wettings. It felt amazing being able to just let go and I felt so little. I won't mess, but wetting just feels good.

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