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Thread: looks like drycare has been hacked

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    Default looks like drycare has been hacked

    I VERY rarely receive spam (despite a very large 'footprint' on the internet) but today I received two identical spam (kmart secret shopper clickbait, NOT actually from kmart) to both the email alias I set up for paypal and to the email alias I set up exclusively for orders on I verified that my last order from drycare was indeed via paypal. (unusual for me, I usually do visa)

    I will be notifying them. Keep an eye on your plastic. Hopefully they just stole the email addresses from their orders database and not the payment information as well. (and THIS is why I don't select "save this credit card for future orders" when ordering online)

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    Pretty sure I had something like this happen when I bought a few samples from ordered the samples and with in the next day or two I had over 400 dollars show up on my card. That's the only place I had used my card in a long time, most of the time I use cash.

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    it amazes me how many sites still do not follow PCI standards for data security. that's Payment Card Industry. It made me such a nervous wreck back in 2008 that i moved the company over to paypal and ceased taking card numbers directly online. the requirements are so strict that few small businesses would meed the standards. Unless the site uses a separate and secure payments system, your better off using Paypal to shield your financials from merchants if possible. Email address however are often sold for profit. So it can be a great idea to use dedicated email addresses for certain things. It offers a great way to avoid having one email address flooded with spam.

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