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    We We're looking on the internet last night and find a company selling locking crotch spreading pants. Has anyone tried them and what do you think?

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    I have heard and seen the spreader pants; have not tried them - could you provide a source (link) ?
    Is it the same outfit in Hungary selling on ebay ?

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    Oh the real reason supposedly is when worn and if able to walk at all the walk
    will be a most definite certifiable "WADDLE" with the legs splayed apart.

    Otherwise it is best explained as a fantasy punishment device.
    When you gotta go - until you get yourself positioned on the potty or in some
    set position wearing diapers you tighten up your muscles and hold until you
    are over the containment area and relax downloading into the loo or diaper.

    Well with the spreader pants or device your legs are forced apart and it is near
    impossible to use those muscles to pull the trigger whether one is in position
    on the loo or in diapers.
    Try as you might the downloading commences without input or output from within.
    Rare is there an individual with enough control but it will be only briefly in interrupting the downloading.
    Water seeks its own level and so does nature.

    For a visual reference go to Ebay and Search: spreading pants (or diaper) -
    the primary source is a seller in Hungary.
    Sold as a novelty or fantasy device - it can be used for serious ADULT play !
    Babies don't need any help here their legs are already in the spreading position
    and they too don't have control of the downloading process.

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    We have ordered one complete with locking fix system. Quite looking forward to trying it out. I didn't know that they make you loose control. This could be fun lol

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    It is not so much losing control - the system is so ingrained to let loose into a toilet when positioned over and sitting on it. With diaper wearers it is a matter of getting into a comfort zone to download.
    With the spreader pants/device the legs can not be squeezed together to hold and await that moment of being positioned on the porcelain throne. Sort of think as a little wee one when you had to go
    and go badly you would squeeze and cross you legs and hold on to the drizzle stick to find a place to do the business - well now you can't cross your legs - can't squeeze anything except the spreader
    device - can't get any relief and suddenly you wet yourself or if wearing a diaper load it up and certainly not in any comfort zone.

    There is another restrictive function of the spreader pants and that is turning over is a real effort and almost impossible if the hands and arms are restricted (no leverage).
    If on ones back (facing up) turning over is not what you want to do putting your butt into the air for making the comfort zone extremely zoned out (putting it mildly) !

    Getting up and moving about is not easy - one just does not roll out of bed and initiate walking waddling or some form of movement in confined space. The danger of falling
    down and getting up again is also not easy. DO NOT DO THIS with hands and arms restrained.

    Wearing clothes diapers whatever is strictly optional and with some the body resilience many vary widely as to the bodily function internal controls that also is a YMMV !

    Presume the locking apparatus is the Segufix magnetic or key operated button locks.

    Enjoy your fun play safely !

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