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Thread: Tranquility ATN in Australia

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    Default Tranquility ATN in Australia

    I'm wanting to try Tranquility ATN but the only shop that sells them in Australia is Independent Living Store and have only got cases for $87.
    I contacted a major store in Australia, Independence Australia but haven't heard back from them.

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    I just checked, $87AUD is for small size, I need medium which is $112AUD

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    They are two expensive, too thin and got a bad reviews on here so I got some Bambino Bianco UltraStretch White from an Australian ABDL site

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    That's $1.16 for each diaper including shipping :O
    That's crazy cheap

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    If you decide not to get them your not missing out on anything, these were my "worst diapers" in another thread, I had high hopes only to find they were one step higher then the generic drug store diapers like depends. Totally not worth buying a case

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    Yeah that sounds about right. Anything less than a $1.00 per diaper is likely to start costing you more just to use them. (number of changes, with multiple timeout/bathroom trips to change, rashes, and worst yet leaks)

    ATN is about as low cost cheap as you can get yet still retain some sort of functionality. They are ok for light or moderate wetting during the day. They are not good for heavy flooding, or overnight use.

    For someone looking for a "bare bones" sort of diaper, I actually recommend ATN. They are better than the stire bought crap, however, for most people they will not be good enough.

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