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Thread: Opinions on pvc diaper's inside material being made of pvc or cloth

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    Default Opinions on pvc diaper's inside material being made of pvc or cloth

    Hi everyone:

    I am in the process of ordering an adult baby pvc diaper. The diaper is going to be made of pvc material on the outside, but the inside I have the option of having be made of the same outside pvc material or it can be made of cloth called flodderfleece (basically material just like inside a cloth diaper). I'm torn because I want the inside material to be cloth, so I can wet myself, but I want the pvc material so I can have wet and messy sessions with myself using the inside of my diaper which is why pvc would be a better material to use. Does anyone know if pvc material can absorb pee, and if not which of the two material choices would you all pick to have the inside of the diaper made of? Thanks so much for everyone's opinions on this thread. Have a nice day everyone!

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    Any AIO made with PVC is useless. It is hard to clean and you cant dry them in a dryer. The AIO's made with PUL is good
    and can do what what you want. I suggest you check out this site.

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    So oleman72 I like to fill my diapers with shaving cream during my wam sessions in addition to the pies I use. You're telling me that these AIO PUL (whatever those acronyms stand for lol) diapers can sustain a lot of wettings and satisfy my wam session needs? Thank you for your helpful advice!

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    Neither PVC nor PUL (poly urethane laminate) will absorb pee. PUL is about the best, most durable, and long lasting waterproof cover you can get. However, it will still degrade faster than cloth or fleece. Once degraded, the entire all in one diaper is no good.

    I'd recommend you order them separately, and not as an aio. This will allow you to thuroughly wash your cloth diaper after a play session or messing.

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