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Thread: Saying Hi (Chelmsford Essex)

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    Default Saying Hi (Chelmsford Essex)

    Hey everyone,

    I thought i would say hi!

    I am 25 year old from Chelmsford and in nappies 24.7


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    Hey Dann, welcome to ADISC. I used to live in Romford and have been to Chelmsford many times. Hope you have fun here and get any support you may need also.

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    Hi Dan,
    welcome to the group, I'm currently living near Cardiff in South Wales although originally I'm from Yorkshire. I also wear 24/7.

    Apart from your interest in nappies do you have other hobbies and interests? Do you work or are you still in education. Are you married or with a partner and if so are they supportive?

    Lots of questions I know, but the more you tell us about yourself the more members can see what they have in common with you.

    If you need some ideas have a look at ADISC Intro, Rules & Tips (there is a link at the top of the page). It has a lot of information written mainly for new members.

    Apart from that have a look through the Forums and various threads, find some you like and jump in and take part, there's no need to be shy most of us don't bite (not sure about furries though ). above all enjoy your stay with the group.

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