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Thread: Any AB Girls from Canada here?

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    Red face Any AB Girls from Canada here?

    Heyya everyone,

    Just wondering if there is any girls wo are from Canada. I have meet so many dude into this, but not yet a girl. Being the only girl that I know of around my area, I'm going crazy. To many boys into this. It's driving me away.

    Hope there is more girls in Canada!!!!

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    Hey there!!

    Well I'm not a girl...but I am from Canada!! I am pretty active in my local community and know a bunch of girls as well

    Please don't get discouraged or misjudge guys in general!! We aren't all weirdos, or anything! Maybe getting to know someone might help change that perception

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    You know I have been trying. So many dudes here. A few have just been wanting and looking for a mommy. I am not that type tho. Asking if Id change them. But I'm not into that. I just can't do it. That's not who I am. Friends are just fine tho.

    Also for me it has to be a connection to have a daddy. And I haven't really tried looking nor focused on that atm. But maybe oneday. As long as there is connection and a sync to go with it. Its very emotional, mental and physical for me.

    I have had some pretty bad experiences going on the last year. A ex who is not leaving me alone. I'm at the point now Where I am deleting all my accounts and emails. I decided last night I must do this to hopefully be able to get on with my life.

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