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    I'm a little concerned but I guess I shouldn't be, I've sucked my thumb all my life an der I want to switch over to pacifiers which are the adult size 5-6 orthodontic type from baby pants.

    I don't want th epacifiers to cause an overbite or anything, but I've basically sucked my thumb my entire life ever since infancy for proberly more than 2-3 hours a day.

    I still suck my thumb or pacifier for r that amount of time a day as I enjoy it greatly and I never want to stop!

    But my teeth are completely straight apart from one tooth which came in a bit crooked, all of my adult teeth are in and I have no more milk teeth left.

    What are the odds of me getting crooked teeth now my adult teeth are all in if I can carry on with pacifier use to extent I've been doing?

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    Because you're an adult, I don't think it should cause a problem. You would really have to abuse it, pushing hard and long, for it to slowly move your teeth outward. How many hours a day to you intend to use it? If you limit your time, you shouldn't have a problem.

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    I imagine you're more likely to shift your teeth sucking your thumb vs an adult pacifier. And if you haven't noticed a change by now then I'd say you're fine but still keep an eye out.

    Everyone is different. I use one fairly sparingly for around a year or so and have not noticed any significant change. Usually for around an hour or two every couple days to a week. My teeth have moved slightly but literally only by like half a mm. Not enough to be worried.
    I could only tell because I've been monitoring my teeth to avoid that and using the thickness of my thumbnail as a sort of measure.

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    I do it everyday for as long as I want to, sucking my thumb is a habit

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    I've been monitoring my teeth closely for a while now. I think there was some shifting, and the pressure the pacifier applies during the night is definitely felt when I wake up. I'm not sure if the pacifier is the cause, though.
    Notably, I'm using a cherry shaped pacifier. I never got the hang of the orthodontic ones.

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