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    Default Mary Jane Shoes!

    OK, I don't know why I'm so slow in finding this place, but a good source for Mary Jane shoes in mens sizes(!) appears to be (under sissywear) Yeah, not cheap either, I'll grant you that.
    I know I've never found big enough sizes in my previous searches it seems.
    So I am just sharing this tidbit of info. Pls forgive me if this has been disclosed before. My search of adisc didn't seem to address this directly.


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    Try PayLess Shoes - FamousFootwear - DSW - Nordstroms - AND THEN THERE IS EBAY !
    Lots of varieties styles etc. - one strap two straps flats and heels - get your feet measured by a Bannock device found in shoe stores so you have the size down to a uniform standard.
    Use the Bannock device to determine if you need a W wide width shoe. Women's shoes customarily come in "B" medium (narrow) width and men's in "D" which maybe an equivalent
    to a women's wide. What does this all mean - the number is heel to toe measurement the letter is the width of the foot. Do a little research before shopping online - shopping a physical
    store try it on and walk around a bit. Good fitting shoes out of the box DO NOT cause pain !

    AND YES shoes are not cheap - cheap ones don't last and do not fit right for the duration.

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