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Thread: I got a Onesie

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    Default I got a Onesie

    So last week I finally got around to getting a Onesie and a adult pacifier.

    My god it is so comfortable nice and snug and fits me fine (even with a nappy on). The adult pacifier is also better then the baby one I was using.

    The Onesie I got is the LittleForBig Baby Gamer Onesie, it's really cool.

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    awesome ! have heaps of fun with it !

    when wearing a onsesie, there are a couple of benefits, first all is snug fit, and you get more milage out of a diaper because of the snug fit of the onsesie,
    2 you can hide your diaper from unwanted exposure of your diaper,
    3 you don't get cold !
    and 4 it's just plain comfy !

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    Nice! Me too on both! I actually ordered 2 pacifiers. I am glad I did. Both from Little for big, 1 each per onesie. I found I prefer the one that says 'babypants' really small on it vs. the generic one. My babypants one is black with the cloudy silicone. The other pacifier is lilac to match my other onesie with clear silicone, but 'harder'. For lack of a better word.

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