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Thread: My first ABDL diapers and pacis

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    Default My first ABDL diapers and pacis

    I got my first pacis and diapers in adult size and they are awesome!

    The pacis are big enough for my entire mouth and don't choke me like I origally thought they would , the size of the shield makes me feel like a proper baby and up to scale. Click image for larger version. 

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    With the baby pacis which I've now thrown out, they didn't fill up my mouth and I kept taking it out to suck my thumb instead, the adult one is comforting and I have a feeling I can wean myself off my thumb now! The smaller sizes looks redicouls, like a adult pretending to be a baby, I can be an adult baby now! I just looked at the teat on my paci and it says it's from baby pants.

    The diapers I order were mediums, I got a rears safari, a princess one, one with blue and pink on and I got a green on, I ordered them as a surprise package so I won't know what I'm getting, good selection so far and so worth the wait! I order size small in onesies so I hope the diapers won't be too big, the safari one looks massive! Well only one way to try them out!

    I'll be still using the modified pampers for daytime diapers as they work well and fit well and descrete, as the ABDL ones are less descrete, I'll use those for bedtime.

    I'll post after a night of using them to see if I'll order more or not! So for now, I'll just enjoy my new pacis, I'm not used to the fullness yet! But I guess that's how the baby ones feels for babies!

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    I wonder if I can fall asleep with the pacis now?

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    congratulations on your order
    both the diapers and pacifiers sound great

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    I'm currently wearing my Lille green classic diaper with my new strawberry print onesie and pastel green adult pacifier for a few hours till bed, then I, gonna sleep like this and see how it goes from there.

    I'm surprised I fit into mediums, it fits my waist fine but it goes right past my belly button!

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    It feels very secure and snug, so far so good and enjoying it so far...

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    After wearing the Lille classic, the print is a bit meh! But I could wear it again, being green it fitted my colour scheme so it was ok, it doesn't look too granny panty or hospital diapery, so nothing exciting about print there. The tapes when removing them ripped the plastic.

    As for absorbancy, it did very well, I didn't sleep last night because I was excited about wearing a premium diaper that fit me, so I wet a few more times than I would normally, it comfortably lasted until 4-5 wettings which is enough for a good nights sleep but I was afraid of leaking in the morning so I changed out once I woke up.

    I would give this diaper a 3 out of 5.

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    Congrats on your purchase! One day I will order premium diapers online. I am terribly curious.

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