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Thread: Older Vinyl Footed Blanket Sleepers

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    Default Older Vinyl Footed Blanket Sleepers

    Hi everybody!

    It's been a while since I posted. I was just wondering if anyone on here has come across any older blanket sleepers or footed pajamas with the vinyl feet.

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    This is my dream, never found anything close to a replica of what I was wearing as a baby toddler and preschooler (I had a bunch of them till I was around 6 or 7 so I have vivid memories of them) I think they were made by Carters, I know my mom ordered them from Sears.

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    Older ones, not recently. But a couple of my custom made sleepers have them.

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    I don't recall seeing anything like that for adults although they may exist

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    Hi! Yes... Carters was a common brand. They made good blanket sleepers back then.

    Dr Denton made their vinyl footed blanket sleepers for adults as well.

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    I remember them. mom always cut the feet out of them because my feet sweated so much they got stinky.

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    I do recall them getting sweaty and smelly, but I still loved them.

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    I used to wear mine out, wearing holes through the plastic. I was a very active child.

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    That was the unfortunate part about the plastic vinyl. It would crack and tear after wear. I still wore mine after it cracked. What brands were your blanket sleepers?

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    I don't remember the brand I wore back them but they may have been bought at JC Penny or Sears

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