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    Default New arrival

    Hello Community.

    I want to introduce a new arrival.... me! I am just learning about this site and I came here looking for some support/care/understanding... uhh..... basically anything but judgement or drama.

    About me:

    I am asexual, female, AB, and occasionally with some furbaby elements.

    Being new to the community, I don't know what a standard "I am here!!" post contains, but... I am... so.... If you have questions about me or whatever, feel free to toss them at me (gently please, I'm not very good at catch the ball yet).


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    Welcome, stargazer, hope you like it here

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    Hi Stargazer

    Wellcome to the tree house.


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    Hi and welcome. I hope you enjoy this site. If you take part in the discussions we will get to know you better, and you us. I think you'll have fun.

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    Welcome StargazerAB! Same reason why I joined. Plus I don't know much about certain topics/brands, so this helps me learn hehe. Hope you enjoy it!

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    Welcome stargazer

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    Hello, Stargazer! What a great name

    What do you like to do for fun? What is a fun fact about yourself? Did you draw your icon?

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