I've got loads of open nappies for sale that i need to shift.

Basically what has happened is I've bought many different manufacturers over the years and they either don't fit right or aren't what i expected when i ordered them. Consequently I'm left with packets of un usuable nappies that will never be used by me.

The list is as follows:

Delicare Slip Large extra (12 of 20)
ID Slip normal Large (15 of 28)
Lille healthcare classic medium green (16 of 28)
Gompells medium extra (12 of 28)
Kolibri comslip plus (12 of 28)
Gompells extra large plus (40 of 40)
Attends L old style with L all over them (28 pack +24 loose)
Attends M new style (18 of 28)

I photographed all aof them individually for ebay sales etc but I thought i'd see if the community had any use for them first

Manchester UK