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Thread: Wow! Thickness!

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    Default Wow! Thickness!

    Just put on my first Rearz. A seduction. Yipee. Holy crap, is it thick. I can't wait to start wetting it. 😀

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    They swell like crazy. Soooo squishy

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    I have worn the Safari's and they are huge. They get really squishy and bulky once you get them really wet. That line of diapers is one of my favorite, if I could get them for the same price as ABU's I would get them way more often.

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    Rearz are at the top of my shopping list. I'm definitely getting them once I get the money. Enjoy yours!

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    Been wanting to try rearz for a while now but they are just to expensive. Maybe one day.

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    I tried a rearz princess a few weeks back, loved the thickness of it.

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    Wearin Princess right now! One of my favs! ^///^

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