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Thread: Anybody now an Easyup mod to make the waist bigger.

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    Default Anybody now an Easyup mod to make the waist bigger.

    Hi everyone,
    I bought easy ups the other day in hope they would fit, but sadly they don't. I've tried different ways to extend the sides, but have been unsuccessful. So that brings me to my point that if anyone knows how to fit into easy ups than please let me know.

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    Maybe buy diapers sized for adults and not children.

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    The best you will be able to do is use them as stuffers inside an actual afult diaper.

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    It kind of depends how close you are to being able to wear them as-is. If you're able to get them most of the way up before the elastic pops, then one possible answer is to cut away about half of the elastic--the bottom half on each side. This will have the effect of making the leg holes larger, and also making it easier to "shimmy" into them (pulling one side up a little, then the other, etc. etc.).

    I used this approach with good results on GoodNites years ago, but have never tried it with the Pampers elastic. The Pampers elastic used on Easy-Ups and UnderJams has always been rather fragile next to the Huggies stuff, so my big fear would be that, by cutting it, you just give it an excuse to tear.

    Fingers crossed!
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    I believe EasyUps have tearaway sides as opposed to velcro like Pull-Ups. But I have yet to get any to confirm.

    I've been tossing around an idea in my head for DIY extenders for these and GoodNites (or any pull up with tearaway sides) basically involving a stretchy band of fabric with snap fasteners at the ends to fasten the sides. Easy, and totally plausible in theory.

    For a quick fix that will work right now though, I'd personally tear the sides and tie them together using a stretchy length of cloth to allow a larger fit.

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    Hey! So I've modded the new Easy Ups before. Pretty much I've combined two diapers, cutting the tabs on both sides.

    I made a cut on the first one so it's still attached to the front, and on the second one so it is still attached to the back. That way I can staple the two sides together then a couple of staples so the diaper, 8: super long with wider leg holes.

    Hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post

    The best you will be able to do is use them as stuffers inside an actual afult diaper.

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    OP what is your waist and hips size?
    If your waist or hips is over 30 inches than don't bother, if it is 28 or smaller then you might be able to do something to modify them without a ton of time and effort.

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